Best Electric Grooming Tables for Dogs

Best Electric Grooming Table for Dogs

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The best electric grooming tables for dogs should be the first and foremost thing that the home groomers should be looking for. Because of course, you can’t groom your dog by taking him to your lap. It will increase fear and chances of getting injuries in both you and your fur baby. Before finalizing your decision for purchasing any specific grooming table, you surely need to know the importance, usefulness, and working procedure of the best grooming table for dogs.

Benefits of the Best Electric Grooming Tables for Dogs

It’s not made compulsory upon you to take the electric ones only. If you are a newbie at dog grooming and own a very small dog that is very light in weight, you may of course go with the foldable ones for now. But for those having large family dogs or having a personal grooming profession, you must invest in the best electric grooming table. And we are probably confident that this investment would boom up your business. The electric or the hydraulic dog grooming tables are quite helpful in lifting up the heaviest and the most stubborn dogs as well. A convenient size dog electric grooming table can last with you for a long time. Moreover, these types of grooming tables come in a few more pros like -

  • It can provide you convenience in lifting up both the heavy and light dogs
  • They come with their skid-proof table for ensuring the highest safety
  • The electric and hydraulic tables come with high weight managing capability
  • The electric and hydraulic tables come in leg implied ‘Z’ or ‘X’ shaped mechanism
  • In many electric and hydraulic tables, the upper top of the table can also be rotated up to 360 degrees
  • Electric and the hydraulic grooming tables come with high motor with leg lift up efficiency

Electric Grooming Table Vs Hydraulic Grooming Table

The electric dog grooming tables come with high efficiency and a strong motor. Whereas, the hydraulic tables are good with an included user’s foot-operated hydraulic pump. The electric grooming tables are quite adjustable compared to the other categories and they can jump into their desired work only with the help of a button. But the electric dog grooming tables are usually on an extended high price for their long-term convenient ending feature.

However, the hydraulic dog grooming tables are quite budget-friendly, conservative, and most probably, the best choice for home grooming. And lastly, the foldable dog grooming tables are lying among the cheapest dog grooming table criteria. Well, it’s not right to criticize this table as the cheapest because though they come on a small budget, they are quite versatile and space-conserving and great for small dog breeds including puppies. But the hydraulic and the electric dog grooming tables are just for all sizes of dogs.

How Does An Electric Grooming Table Work?

Electric grooming can literally be termed as the best choice for the professionals and those having most dog clients in a pet salon or hospital. Hydraulic ones are also a great convenient choice for home use. The best electric grooming tables for dogs come with an electric motor that can be made lying to the floor. And by pressing only a button, these tables are capable of lifting heavy dogs like 350 lbs. to the maximum desired height as well. That’s not all, additionally; these electric grooming tables associate convenient grooming in coming with 360-degree flexibility.

List of Top 8 Best Electric Grooming Tables for Dogs

  • Pet Grooming Table Super Low Electric Lift Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Table
  • Flying Pig X-Style Electric Lift Wheels Included Grooming Table
  • Super - Low and Heavy Duty Electric Lift Grooming Table – Flying Pig Electric
  • SHELANDY Dog Grooming Table Suitable For Both Professional And Home Use
  • Go Pet Club Best Electric Motor Z-Lift Grooming Table for Home Use
  • Happybuy High Safety And Stability Included Electric Grooming Table
  • Comfort Groom Z-Style Ultra-Low Dog Grooming Table Included Caster Wheels
  • Groomer’s Best 14 Gauge Power Coated Steel Made Electric Grooming Table For Dogs

Our above list mainly focuses on the best electric grooming tables which are said to be the best for home use as well as professional or commercials. But if you are good with the foldable ones, your choice is undoubtedly respect but you need to be assured that your table would end up for long.

The 8 Best Electric Grooming Tables for Dogs
Pet Grooming Table Super Low Electric Lift Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Table

This electric grooming table of our list comes fully updated with a new model electric lift super low making it convenient for the largest and the heaviest dogs as well. Moreover, leg levelers are also adjusted with the table which diversifies its perfect use over the uneven floors as well. That’s not the end; rather it also includes foot pedals, height levelers, and overhead arms as well. This grooming table is efficient with a power supply of 110v. The table is constructed with real material and especially for ensuring the highest comfort to pets. The dimension of this electric table is 49.60 x 26 inches.


  • Table comes with a maximum weight lifting capacity of 350 pounds
  • Comes with highly versatile removable silicon top table for convenience
  • Also comes with a heavy base of steel for extra durability
  • Lifting height accessibility includes from 7.9 to 35.4 inches
  • With silicon soft top it becomes easier for a fast clean up
  • For a wide lifting range, this table depicted with a double X frame style
  • Energy supply need is 110v
  • Packaging comes with Grooming Loops, Overhead Arm, and Foot Levelers


  • Users claim its shaking defect

Flying Pig X-Style Electric Lift Wheels Included Grooming Table

Flying pig is always before us with a new category of the table and with extra resistance. It’s also equipped with X-Style versatile steel framing for an extra-wide range. Like the previously mentioned one, this flying pig grooming table also doesn’t skip equipment like overhead arm, grooming loops, and leg levelers as well. It can last up with you for a long because it's being constructed with high-quality steel. The electric table again comprises a non-slip and removable soft silicon top for easy maintenance and clean-ups. The table is made capable of lifting up 220 lbs of dogs at an ease with high-quality base construction.


  • Table is quite capable of lifting up 220 lbs of dogs as well
  • Electric table lift can rise up to 10.75 inches to 41.50 inches so far
  • Efficiently the silicon table top can be removed for easy grooming and clean up
  • Equipped with 4 easy transport wheels for higher versatility and convenience
  • Wheels lifting features are included in this amazing grooming table
  • Comes being easily accessed with foot control traits
  • Scratch proof X designed steel strong frame for managing heavyweights


  • Users wish for a bit longer power cord

Super - Low and Heavy Duty Electric Lift Grooming Table – Flying Pig Electric

The flying pig is among the most trusted brands for dog home grooming. All the products are equally wonderful, but the Flying Pig Heavy Duty Electric Lift Grooming Table is just simply awesome. It makes your grooming easier by being electronic; it runs on wheels which makes it even more convenient to move from one place to another. The electric grooming table is the best choice if you are deciding to open a mobile pet shop or you are grooming your baby at home.


  • Its equipped with grooming loops, leg levelers, and Stainless Steel Overhead Arm
  • Its X styled structure gives more convenient effort
  • Its silicon tabletop is easily removable
  • It’s lifting range is in an average of 11.25" to 40.65"H
  • Comes with dual foot paddles
  • Gives a power supply of 110V
  • The table’s dimension is 45.80"L x 25.70"W x 40.50”H


  • Some users would recommend having a longer power chord

SHELANDY Dog Grooming Table Suitable for Both Professional and Home Use

SHELANDY grooming table presents a unique high-quality standard designed electric dog grooming table with overhead loops and restraints. The table depicts itself to be a top recommendation for not only commercial but also home use. Foot pedals are all included along with 2 grooming loops as well. Moreover, it’s capable of lifting up to 120 kg of dog also. It is wobble-free and sturdy for giving you a strong motion-less grooming session. And also comes with an adjustable rubber non-slip removable tabletop. The top is also made scratchproof with its PVC mad facility. Its product dimension is 49.0 x 30.0 x 10.0 inches.


  • Table with adjustable height ranging from 27.5 cm up to 93cm
  • Comes with an efficiency of lifting up to 120 kg
  • Wobble free and sturdy dog grooming table
  • Comes with PVC matted waterproof non-skid tabletop
  • It includes foot pedals for leg control height adjustability
  • Constructed with hard material and with an X designed feature
  • Table lifters also included with it
  • Great for both home and professional works
  • Said to be a great choice for professional as well as home use


  • Users recommend this table to be made a bit more studier

Go Pet Club Best Electric Motor Z-Lift Grooming Table for Home Use

If your dog is bored with the foldable grooming table, you may go with the electric ones. The go pet club electric grooming table is also convenient for dogs with hip issues as it’s easier for them to get on it. These are easily spreadable all over the floor to make your dog easily step on it. The Z lift base makes it even more stable and non-wobbly. It’s designed for both professional grooming and home use.


  • It has an H-type base
  • Its size is 36"W x 23.6" L
  • Electric motor lifts up and adjusts up to 21.5" - 41.3" H
  • Its surface is static-free
  • The tabletop is non-slip
  • Electric connection makes it easier to work
  • Safety ensuring for your dog
  • Comes with adjustable arm and leash


  • Doesn’t come with a tool rack

Happybuy High Safety and Stability Included Electric Grooming Table

The Happybuy table is all iron-made high quality and has great resistive qualities. It’s made with the thick quality of steel-made grooming table with extreme sturdiness. It can carry up to 330 lbs of load in unmoving conditions and 220 lbs on lifting capacity. It can quietly lift or be lowered with the tabletop up to 6000N linear. Like most other ones mentioned, this electric grooming table also comes with foot level control with ‘up’ and ‘down’ instructions. It’s made with premium graded iron, MDF, and rubber materials for long-term durability. The table also supports the X-designed strong feature. The product dimension of this table is 46.5" x 22.4" x 85.8".


  • Possesses height lifting traits from 13.4 to 53.1 inches
  • Made with acceptance to a load capacity of 330 lbs
  • Great electric table for all size dog grooming
  • Efficient at both home as well as professional use
  • Tabletop is rubber made dotted and non-skid featured
  • Supported with an X style durable and widened design
  • As additional it includes 2 vertical and 1 horizontal rod and 2 dog leashes


  • Needs to be assembled before use

Comfort Groom Z-Style Ultra-Low Dog Grooming Table Included Caster Wheels

The comfort groom table has a unique specification of being included with caster wheels which not only helps in motion but also contributes to a bit increase in height of 4 inches compared to the others. It comes with the highest capacity of lifting 395 lbs up to 41 inches from 13 inches. The tabletop is made with thick, high resistive and possessing non-kid features. Two-foot remote pedals are attached to the base and come in a Z-style design for more versatile use. However, this unique steel frame is constructed with high standard steel and finished with digital hammer paint which makes it scratch resistive.


  • Height adjustability comes ranging from 13 inches to 41 inches
  • Capable of carrying weights up to 395 lbs
  • Water resistive thick board is used as a tabletop with non-skid features
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty of the frame and 2 years of warranty on the motor
  • Corner hooks included for hanging clippers or shears
  • The product dimension of the table is 42 inches x 24 inches x 1.2 inches
  • Included with 4 easy transport caster wheels
  • Great for grooming all sizes of dogs be it professional or home use


  • Doesn’t come with an overhead arm

Groomer’s Best 14 Gauge Power Coated Steel Made Comfort Electric Grooming Table for Dogs

Groomer’s best presents the same design of dog grooming table being both electric and hydraulic. The electric one is made with the 14 gauge power coated steel. The tabletop is made with textures, non-skid, and water resistance. It’s a great option enabled for the groomers and professionals out there. Though the table is a bit expensive, this investment will let you proud next time. The table also possesses storage space features on both sides of the table. Like the other renowned grooming tables available, this one doesn’t require assembling at all. You can just simply unbox it and start using it. Its product dimension is 42” x 27” x 20”


  • Comes being affordable, durable, and stable
  • Being manufactures in the USA and comes with a 3 years warranty
  • Constructed with the powerful 14 gauge durable steel
  • Long time and durable lasting
  • Both sides include storage space for reserving tools
  • No kind of assembly is required after unboxing
  • Great for all sized dogs and all breeds


  • Height was difficult to manage for the users

Conclusive Remarks

Especially the owners and grooming take it to mind that the best electric grooming tables for dogs might be something way much expensive. Well, it’s actually not because many grooming tables come in a small size adjusting to your budget. Moreover, it’s a great investment for the professionals and groomers because the best qualities among them would last you for a long time. But it’s of course not a burden for you to buy the electric ones only. Instead, you may also go with the best hydraulic grooming tables for dogs or simply the foldable ones. Its necessity depends on you and your furry companion.