Best Stand Dryer For Dog Grooming

best stand dryer for dog grooming professionals

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6 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing The Best Stand Dryer For Dog Grooming

If you’re looking for the best dog grooming stand dryers, here are some things to be considered before confirming your purchase.

  • What type of dog drying machine do you need?
  • Time spent on drying Vs grooming?
  • How much space do you need at home or office for grooming your four-legged Companion?
  • What are the options available in terms of power and noise level?
  • Will the unit be easy to move around with you as your pet changes locations throughout the year?
  • Do you have any fixed budget within which you need your product to be bought?

What actually a dog stand dryer for professional grooming is?

A dog stand dryer is a small, portable dryer designed to dry off a dog after bathing or having a fun time swimming in a pool.

As dogs are dogs, they can get themselves into some sticky situations. So when you allow your furry buddy to enter the pool, you must ensure that they're not left wet and cold in their own droplets. In order to keep your dog refrained from getting chilled when they have finished their swim, you need the help of a dryer whereas a towel won’t work that much efficiently and there may remain someone risks of catching a cold. The device is designed with a motor on top that has a fan underneath to blow air over the surface of the water in order to evaporate it quickly and make your furry buddy dry. One option for this is a hands-free stand dryer which will attach to the side of the pool and allow your dog to be dried off without needing your help - making it easier for you both!

Benefits of Having A Stand Dryer For Dog Grooming

Stand dryers are used in professional dog grooming sessions to dry out wet dog coats. This article is about the benefits of having a dog stand dryer in your home along with an in-depth review of the best ones.

A stand dryer is a device that you can use in your home and it’s also great for professional use. It permits you to give your furry buddy an even and thorough drying session by allowing it to stand safely on its back legs while he’s still wet.

When your dog is not allowed indoors, he/she can be given one of the following:

  • He/She can wait for the rain or the snow to end
  • They can spend time in the car with their coat on, which is also not ideal for any animal
  • They can be placed in a cold, damp environment with their coat on

With so many people opting to have dogs, there are also more dogs being offered for adoption. However, it has been found that many shelters are unable to take care of these dogs appropriately because they are overpopulated. This is where the dog dryer comes in importance because it can dry out wet clothes that have been left on a dog.

Dog dryers can also prevent the growth of mold in clothing and reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

It's important to keep the dog well-taken care of while using a dog dryer. The owner should make sure that they don't get overheated, over-cooled, or run too long which could cause injury or even death.

The benefits of having a dog stand dryer are that it prevents drowning, mold growth and reduces bacterial growth in wet clothes that has been left.

Top Leading Stand Dryers For Home And Professionals

  • Flying Pig Stand Grooming Dryer With High Velocity
  • Double K 900 Challengair Dog Stand Dryer
  • Xpower B-16 Pro Finisher Pet Stand Dryer
  • Speedy V1000x Dog Stand Dryer
  • Shernbao Brushless Dog Dryer With Variable Speed And Heat
  • EDEMCO F3002 Stand Dryer For Finishing
  • Free Paws Combo B Stepless Airflow Stand Dog Dryer
  • Master Equipment Flash Dry Dog Dryer With Stand
The 8 Stand Dryers For Home And Professionals
Flying Pig Stand Grooming Dryer With High Velocity

The flying pig sturdy stand dryer with advanced speed adjustability is quite on the fame list nowadays. This model of the versatile dog stand-grooming dryers comes in a variety of colors like green, pink, and violate. This stand blow dryer undoubtedly leads to a long run and also variable heat and speed adjustability. It makes the dog drying up 50x faster than the regular ones. And is also, the stand dryer is made of steel body and my last long.


  • Motor is specially designed strong enough in order to last for years
  • Variable velocity, airspeed, and heat come with special adjustability
  • Stand is adjustable on 33 to 51 inches of height
  • Dryer is great as a roller on 4 caster wheels
  • Cuts off drying session up to 50 percent
  • Comes with a straight and extremely flexible hose
  • High-quality motor and extreme velocity
  • Also comes with 360-degree rotatable nozzle, flat and round nozzle
  • Included with a one year guarantee


  • Comparatively expensive
Double K 900 Challengair Dog Stand Dryer

The Double K 900 Challangair dog stand air nearly tops the list of the most reliable, long-lasting, and practical stand dryers. At the same time, the motor of these dog hair dyers also boosts up durability. Though this animal hairdryer is not so budget-friendly, it’s literally one of the best choices for the groomers. This also means that investment for once may lead to your pet drying safety over a long run.


  • Comes in a silent and effective motor
  • Having a brushless motor makes it even more effective than the regular stand dryers
  • Motor comes with 1/3 hp or 115 volt or 16.08 amps
  • Stand dryer produces about 260 cubic feet of air per minute
  • Comes with versatile heat and volume control adjustability
  • Comes being unbreakable, rust and dent proved
  • Adjustable stand assembly
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee and a 30 days money back


  • Much higher in price consideration
Xpower B-16 Pro Finisher Pet Stand Dryer

XPOWER pro-finish B-16 dog stand dryer comes with an extremely sturdy and classy stand. It’s a very sturdy dryer with a brushless motor which enables a comparatively silent and comfortable dog drying session. Also, the dryer comes with available speed and heat adjustability. This small machine also consists of a 360-degree rotatable nozzle, 5 inches of the hydraulic adjustable stand, and wheels attached. For such comfort and versatility, this dog dryer acts as a popular choice among professional groomers.


  • Best stand dryer choice for the professional groomers
  • Highly efficient and powerful motor of ¼ hp
  • The dryer comes with a quiet brushless DC motor
  • Heat adjustability is also available ranging from 70 or 75-degree F to 120-degrees F
  • Constructed with lightweight ABS housing
  • Also included anti-static features to neutralize electricity during brushing coats
  • Comes with 13 inches of the chord, 2 filtering systems, adjustable 5 legs, and caster wheels
  • Also included with a 1-year limited warranty


  • Users claim that it’s a bit noisy
Speedy V1000x Dog Stand Dryer

The V1000X speedy dog stand dryer is extremely sturdy and strong with all of its metal components. It’s made in the USA with the utmost love and affection. And so moreover, this dog stand dryer comes with a powerful and efficient motor. Comes with temperature adjustability, be it cold, normal, or hot. The stand dog dryer comes with a fingerprint adjusting panel in order to control airflow.


  • Airflow adjust-ability is available from 107 CFM to 230 CFM
  • Nozzle comes with a 360 rotate access
  • It’s made with power coating sad aluminum material
  • Features a very powerful motor of 1/7 hp or 110 to 120 volts or 15 amp
  • Comes with the most standard no-tip stand
  • Comes with a power chord of length 8 foot
  • 3 Position switches are available of cold, warm and hot
  • Available 2 years warranty on parts and 5 years warranty on motor
  • Made in the USA with all metal components


  • Not suitable for very small pets
Shernbao Brushless Motor With Variable Speed And Heat

Being stylish, the Sherbao Brushless Motor negative ion anti-static blower with speed and heat adjust-ability is a unique and important feature of this dog blow dryer. Comes with a constant and controllable wind blow. In simple words, it’s the right thing for a professional groomer. This PSD90 elegant stand blow dryer comes with a peak power of 2.5 hp. Also, its turmaline brushes may emit 6 million anions per cubic cm which makes the dog coat brighter and softer.


  • Versatile dryer stand comes with height adjustability from 42.12 inches to 59.84 inches
  • Bracket comes with great flexibility of 360 degrees whereas it can also be set at an angle of 90 elevated or a 90 degree of depression.
  • Motor is capable enough to last over a long run
  • Comes in a super low noise or less than or equal to 62db
  • Dryer includes a maximum airflow of 260CFM
  • Available peek power is 2.5 hp or 1800watts
  • Small-sized, lightweight, and of maximum current around 15amp
  • 12-Months warranty available


  • None
EDEMCO F3002 Stand Dryer For Finishing

The EDEMCO standard and high sturdy dog stand dryer is mainly constructed with the objective of providing a perfect finish to the drying session. And it’s also consisted of a heavy-duty energy miser motor which makes it unique. Moreover, the adjustable stand also enables a comfortable roll-on for being adjusted with the caster wheels. And is entirely constructed with cast aluminum or steel which also acts as a pro point for this professional dryer.


  • Comes with a motor high power of 1/16 hp or 110 to 120 volts or 15amps
  • Dryer with an airspeed availability of 3500 FPM
  • Efficient to put forward an air volume of 107 CFM
  • Dryer also comes with temperature adjustability of 72 F to 150F
  • Four legged stand comes with the adjustability of 39 inches to 57 inches
  • 360-degree rotation is accessed with the neoprene swivel nozzle
  • 8 Feet long heavy-duty cord also comes in packaging
  • Tubular calrod being unbreakable with 1900 W heating element


  • Comparatively pricey
Free Paws Combo B Stepless Airflow Stand Dog Dryer

Free paws combo B stand hair dryer comes in a very sturdy and classy design. It’s a 2-speed heat dryer with stand and also comes with 5 different nozzles and a hand-free arm. And moreover, it comes in a wide range of height adjust-ability which protects the groomer from bending. additionally, there are also other options to purchase only the stand or combo Y.


  • Stand comes with a variety of height adjustability from 35.5inches to 51.2 inches
  • 21 Holes comb nozzles attachment also makes the drying easier
  • The bracket is capable enough to rotate up to 360 degrees horizontally, 120 degrees at both elevation and depression
  • Comes with a powerful 4 hp motor
  • Plastic handles are also attached for comfort carrying
  • The outer tube has been sprayed to be corrosion-free
  • Dryer base is also equipped with lockable PVC


  • None
Master Equipment Flash Dry Dog Dryer With Stand

This dryer is specially designed with the objective to control air volume and heat. The dryer is a professional choice for the groomers and actually, its feature of being extremely comfortable and versatile makes it call so. Custom airflow and temperature control of this dryer make it suitable to use over pets of all coat types.


  • Stand comes with the adjustability of 35 inches to 60 inches
  • Applicable for pets of all coat types
  • 36” of flexible hose stretches up to 66” as well
  • Can control dryer air volume nearly 168.3 CFM
  • Contains strong and efficient motor of 1.5 hp or 14 amps or 1800 watts
  • Included cord comes in a length of 9 inches
  • Enables airspeed adjustability up to 18858 FPM
  • Heat adjustability from 55 degrees F to 140 degrees F is also assured
  • The stand base comes of been 5 legged and with a diameter of 22 inches
  • Made 5 inches high with caster wheels


  • Users recommend using it in order to prevent breakage

Conclusive Remarks