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Authentically answering the query that ‘Can I Use Regular Toothpaste on My Dog’ is shortly no. Human toothpaste isn’t a great choice for dogs. Bad breath is again another big factor for dogs caused due to tartar or plaque which forces the dog owners to use the best dog toothpaste for bad breath. Gingivitis is such a type of periodontal disease around the tissues besides dog teeth formed mainly because of plaque. Moreover, regular human toothpaste consists of ingredients like baking soda and additive flavors which result in an upset stomach in dogs.

Can I Use Regular Toothpaste on My Dog?

As already mentioned, regular toothpaste for human use shouldn’t be something your fur baby is dealing with. Some human toothpaste comes with an artificial sweetener called Xylitol and it’s very toxic to our buddies. This ingredient may tend your dog’s blood level to drop down and ultimately affecting potential liver issues. That’s why always the best option for your dog should be toothpaste specially designed for use in dogs. And if your dog toothpaste has run out, you may also go with the home ingredients or DIY as one-time support.

Is There A Toothpaste That Removes Tartar Or Plaque?

Tartar is the primitive stage for the formation of plaque. If tartar isn’t removed earlier, it may act as a breeding ground for plaque formation. It is to be assured that only brushing isn’t enough effective for removing plaque and tartar as a whole. It also requires the contribution from the best toothpaste, mouth cleansing, dental chews and treats. Home ingredients like baking soda also help in cleansing teeth deeply but it’s always better to take help from the commercial toothpaste which would be enzymatic or odor neutralizing.

How often Should You Brush A Dog’s Teeth?

Oral care for a dog is better to be started between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks of age. Regular toothpaste designed for humans isn’t the best to be dealt with a dog’s teeth. Initially, you can use puppy toothpaste on your dog. Once started you should continue this brushing almost every day. Otherwise, lack of brushing may result in the formation of plaque and tartar in between those teeth. But initially, you should use the best toothpaste which surely needs to be promoted by your vet.

Is Toothpaste Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, regular human toothpastes are toxic to your dog. Human toothpaste includes a sort of artificial sweetener so-called Xylitol and it’s toxic to dogs to a great extent. This chemical substance causes the blood sugar levels of dogs to drop down and it also liver issues in them. Human toothpastes are that’s why not suitable for dogs to be swollen. But the pet toothpastes especially the enzymatic dog toothpastes are way much safer for your pup’s dental health.

Does Dog Toothpaste Help Bad Breath?

Not all toothpaste does so but a number of specially designed so acts fine. Human toothpaste is very harmful being applied to dogs and it won’t be capable of removing odor from dog teeth, instead, it would end up being an upset stomach to your fur baby. But some specially designed dental chews for dogs not only make the dog’s teeth strong but also leave a sweet smell alongside cleaning them. Moreover, if your dog hates dental chews, you can also use dental or enzymatic toothpaste which is quite great for his dental health.

What Kind of Toothpaste Should I Use For My Dog?

Enzymatic toothpastes are the best for your dog’s oral health as prescribed by most professionals. The regular toothpastes come with nothing but some sweeteners. But the special deodorizing enzymatic toothpastes are associated with an ingredient called Calprox which is capable enough to prevent the formation of plaque and tartar, fight against bad breath, odor and bacteria. The same way humans brush their teeth, the dog teeth are also required to be brushed at least two times per day. Regular brushing with the best toothpaste works great in combating plaque tartar or odor.

When To Take A Dog To Vet For Teeth?

Dogs should have their teeth brushed at least twice a day so that they can prevent bad breath or odor. But owners usually get scared whether their pet needs to be taken to the vet or not. Some signs you should really take into consideration for your dog to be taken to the Vet are:

  • If intensively foul odor or bad breathe comes from his mouth in spite of brushing with the best toothpastes regularly
  • If your dog’s teeth are broken somehow which even may result in a swelled gum
  • If the gums are consistently bleeding with no reason
Bottom Line

Can I Use Regular Toothpaste on My Dog? Honestly speaking, no. you can’t use regular human toothpaste on your dog because it may cause gum swell-ups and an upset stomach at the same time. Regular toothpastes contain ingredients like Xylitol and baking soda which are tremendously disastrous for them. Enzymatic dental dog toothpastes are said to be the best overall.