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How to give a dog a bath that hates baths is a common query of most dog parents. Again, the tendency to escape from water is noticeable in most dogs as well. Well, they are scared of baths because they are unknown to the thing ‘water’. If you can make water familiar to them, then it would be much easier for you to handle most babies who hate baths as well. Usually, dogs inherit a deep hatred against water because of any previous incident of water being thrown to the face resulting in breathing and sight difficulties. Again, this scare may also develop because the last time you took him to walk, you lessened the walk for few drops of rainfall or kept him refrained from playing in puddles. However, in this piece of content, you’ll be able to explore the easiest techniques to bathe those fur babies who fear bathing.

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

There could be innumerous reasons behind your dog not liking to have baths. The top reason is mentioned already which is being unknown to water. But there may be some other reason as well; like- dogs hate the loud noise of water pouring from taps and its eco. Some dogs also hate bathing because they’re uncomfortable in the sunlight, again, another reason can be that they don’t like the bathtub getting slippery. See! It can be a lot of issues joint together. It’s regular with all dog owners and not new to you only. Well, everything has pros and cons. If there’s a problem, a solution to it also exists.

Easy Bathing Procedure for Dogs That Hates Bath

Here we’ll be separating the whole procedure of bathing water scared dog into 3 (three) phases, namely-

  1. Before bath initiatives
  2. Required items before having a bath
  3. Tips to be implemented while the bathing session

The mentioned 3 segments are as follows:

1. Before Bath Initiatives

If you own a stubborn at home, it won’t be easy to control him while the bathing session. The most energetic ones are even difficult to handle. So as a before bath initiative, you can take your dog on long walks and runs or a playtime. And remain assured that your dog gets tired enough so that he loses energy to go for a bathing session. If he loses energy, he won’t disturb you that much during the bath. So, before a bathing session, allow your dog to fully enjoy himself.

Now try to prepare all the required items before taking your dog to the bathing zone. Moreover, you can also shift the bathing zone indoors which will make your dog more familiar with baths. And it’s better to prepare all the bathing accessories before taking your dog outside to play. It contributes a lot to bathing because you don’t need to wait anymore until he regains back energy. 

2. Required Items before Having Bath

Tools are indeed a great factor that needs to be realized. If all the bathing materials aren’t near to you, your stubborn fur baby may cause havoc within a few seconds. Some of the most necessary dog bathing equipment is mentioned below:

  • Dog bathtub is the fundamental thing that you require first. Regular bathtubs are ok, but the stainless steel bathtubs are way much better than those. And the stainless steel bathtubs also will give you a long and strong backup. But remember to keep the tub filled with water earlier with lukewarm temperature.
  • The next thing you need is a rubber mat or towel. This mate or towel needs to be placed on the tub where your dog is supposed to stand in order to avoid slipping. During bath sessions, the use of shampoo and water makes the surface of the tub slippery but if a mate is placed over there, your dog can easily stand on it.
  • Use of dog toys and dog chew toys or plastic and rubber ducks can make your dog feel distressed and provide him relief from anxiety. As he’ll be busy looking at and playing with the toys, it would be easier for you to make the task fast.
  • Dog water spray nozzles also play an important role during bathing sessions. Use of direct buckets of water will also work but it will increase the anxiety of your dog instead. Thus the nozzle spray helps in getting any specific area of the dog’s body cleaned within a very short span of time.

3. Tips To Be Implemented While The Bathing Session

The bathing session includes the most struggles than the other two phases. At this phase, the entire bathing procedure comes into action. During bath also you need to be concerned of some few issues. The chief fact is to keep your fur baby restrained during the entire span of time. Some important steps to be followed during any bath session are as follows:

  • Don’t pour down the water directly to your fiddo’s face
  • Use an appropriate amount of shampoo and conditioner and also according to your dog’s coat type
  • Remain cautious so that water doesn’t enter your dog’s face, eyes, and ears
  • Don’t forget laying down a towel or rubber mate
  • Use the most appropriate and pleasant words to him
  • Try to make the entire bath session as fast as possible

How to Give a Dog A Bath That Hates Baths?

Almost maximum dogs hate water and bathing. The main reason is that they aren’t familiar with water which makes them hesitate to enter the tub filled with water. You can maintain some pro tips are lessening your dog’s fear. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Try selecting your dog’s bathing spot indoors
  • Provide your dog with treats when he’s in the bathing spot
  • Use the most pleasant and gentle words to him
  • In spite of bathing, include playing with water sprinkles with your dog so that he no more scares water
  • Allow him to play in mud and rain
  • Take your dog to walks near lakes or oceans
  • Keep the temperature of the water lukewarm

Wrapping it up

The new dog owners face tremendous issues in How to give a dog a bath that hates baths. It’s ok as being a beginner. It’s the habit of most dogs to hate water. That’s why it’s the duty of dog owners to make their babies familiar with water and bathing. And one thing that should be kept in mind is that most dogs are too much energetic. So, you should never forget to include playtime before the bathing session. Moreover, the bathing session should be made as short as possible otherwise there remain the risks of getting cold.