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How to groom a Goldendoodle at home- was a requirement of a lot of dog owners out there. So we are here today for shortly expressing the right way to go for the entire trimming process. Well in this regard you need some basic knowledge of Goldendoodles, their coat type, and the grooming process.

Do golden doodles need grooming?

The reply to this question is an absolute yes. Goldendoodles come in three types of hair coats namely Straight, Wavy, and Curl. These hair coats mainly play the most significant role in this regard. Although one can’t determine the hair coat of a Goldendoodle in his childhood because the hair coats of the pups change with the going time and can’t be determined until he reaches his youth. So whatever the hair coat is, the Goldendoodles need a bath with no doubt. It makes them fresh and active, removes dirt if stuck, prevents tangling or forming mats, keeps their skin healthy, maintains blood circulations, and so on. So, it’s indeed necessary.

How to groom a Goldendoodle at home?

It’s easy, nothing is to be worried about, just a few steps to follow so that your Goldendoodles gets groomed. But before that, you need to properly train your dog by giving regular brushes and making him familiar with the grooming tools and the best dog grooming table for at home use.

Arrangement of necessary tools of grooming

Before starting the grooming of your Goldendoodle, I may give you a short dog grooming equipment list below -

Grooming tools have a variety among them, I think that only these stuff aren’t sufficient but you need more of them.

What preparations should I take before grooming a Goldendoodle?

First of all, your Goldendoodle would require a short playing moment so that he becomes tired and remain calm during the grooming. If you can’t control your dog for grooming, you must have a look at how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. If your dog once becomes restless, it would be very difficult for you to control him. When your dog abides by you, you must reward him with treats. Besides you need to know the dog grooming tools and uses and also need to make your dog familiar with the grooming tools. By giving a gentle touch around the face, ears, and other areas would help a lot.

The essential steps to be noticed before grooming a Goldendoodle

Keep the tools in front of your dog just as you present him toys so that he comes to be friendly with those grooming tools. Knowledge has no end. So, before starting to groom your Goldendoodle, you must acquire much knowledge about that topic of grooming your Goldendoodle. Good for you that the Goldendoodles love water but in case of clipping his hair, you just need to learn that why won’t my clippers cut my dog's hair.

The important 8 steps for grooming are mentioned below:

Step 1 : First of all your Goldendoodle needs a brushing

Step 2 : Then he needs to be shaved around the sensitive areas

Step 3 : Then you need to remove the ear hairs

Step 4 : Go for a bath

Step 5 : Dry up

Step 6 : Combing the hair for the 2nd time

Step 7 : Start clipping the hair

Step 8 : Finish the process by dog nail trimming

So, these were all about the basics of how to groom a Goldendoodle at home. Now we are to go through the exact process. I may mention those in a few steps below:

Step 1 : Brushing out at first

Literally, at first, you need to brush your Goldendoodle. It’s actually done to remove tangles or mats that may be formed in your baby’s hair when he was playing, well, the hair of Goldendoodles catch comparatively more debris. So, this combing is a must for you to know about how to groom a Goldendoodle at home but the Goldendoodles with straight hair coats are easier to control.

You must go by using the best dog slicker brush to comb out all the mats. Besides, if the slicker brushes aren’t available with you, I’d recommend going with a de-matting brush which also works great. You shouldn’t leave out the brushing of his tail and armpits.

Step 2 : Shaving the sensitive places

If your dog has any skin allergy or is suffering from dog sensitive skin, you might need to shave the hair around those areas. You also need to give a mild shave on the genital parts, anus, and the belly in a smooth way. Shaving an inch below the ear canal is also a must in these circumstances.

Be careful of the allergies or other skin problem which may be too much sensitive for your dog. But it’s a must-to-do part of how to groom a Goldendoodle at home.

Step 3 : Now comes the part of his ears!

Gently pull out the dog ear hair inside the ear canal, but don’t go too deep inside. The insider hair would easily come out at your pulling. But don’t pull out the hairs which are outside the canals because they may lead to severe pain and anxiety too. You are to remove the hair in the inner canal of your dog’s hair so that it doesn’t become prey to dust and parasites which may result in worst. Now let’s learn the process of removing hair from the dog ear canal.

Step 4 : Now go for a bath that’s fun-filled

Bathing is a very necessary part of grooming a Goldendoodle because it may make your dog relaxed and would allow the hair coat to recover. Grooming in Goldendoodle with straight hair is much easier in comparison to the curled and the wavy ones. Whatever the hair coat is, bathing regularly is your utmost responsibility as a guardian. But be aware of using the best dog hair shampoo and conditioner and if your baby has allergies, go on using the anti-allergy dog hair shampoo.

Step 5 : Dry up your pooch

Now you are having a lovely wet canine baby in front of you and it’s very crucial to dry him up as soon as possible. You need to first drain out the water of his body by using a towel and then start for using the best dog blow dryer which should be at least at a distance of 12 to 18 inches from your dog hair and the temperature shouldn’t be too high but a mild. Check the power by testing it on the backside of your hand, if you feel a bit warm, it’s really too hot and unbearable for your baby.

By using a comb, separating the hairs with patience, dry the hairs properly so that it doesn’t stick to your clippers later on.

Step 6 : Comb your dog again for de-matting the hairs.

After the bathing is done, you may find your dog’s hair again full of mats that need to be de-matted. By combing, clear up the areas having Matts. If the situation comes to a furious matt, then use the best dog grooming scissors to cut it a bit that would be suitable.

Step 7 : Start clipping the hairs

It is the most important part of how to groom a Goldendoodle at home because it stands to be thought of as most of the important step which many consider as the hardest part but it isn’t actually that hard as you thought rather it’s too fun and creative.

You should use the clipper of a 1-inch attachment to trim your Goldendoodle. You must have the best dog grooming clipper but if it isn’t available to you, it’s ok; you can go with your regular one. But if the clipper gets warm frequently then you should keep the best clipper cooling spray to your other hand.

You can first clip the face area but if you are new to it, go on clipping the back, neck, shoulder, and other parts. Eyes are a bit sensitive so they require extra care and that’s why I’d recommend you have a look at how to trim dog hair around eyes.

Again many dog owners had some confusion about how to trim dog hair between paws so you can have a sight at this also which might help you.

Step 8 : Final finishing by nail trimming

So, it’s ultimately the last step of how to groom a Goldendoodle at home. Nails are an essential part to be cared for because sometimes due to overgrowth of the nails, your dog may face some problems while walking. Again sometimes these nails stand as responsible for a leg infection. The use of the best dog nail grinder is a must because you won’t want that your dog becomes a victim to a leg infection. Keeping the grinder at 45 degrees start on sizing the nails as it’s fun and easy!

So, these were all on how to groom a Goldendoodle at home, if you follow those respectively, I may have a hope that it would help you very much.