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Some breeds of dogs usually come with a beard and it becomes tough to get that cleaned with shampoo if it’s not tearless. Well, one can easily clean a dog beard with other substitutes as well. In this piece of content, we’ll also be discussing the same thing i.e. How to Keep Dog Beard from Smelling. As the pH balance of a dog’s face isn’t the same as his body, it may be creating a lot of issues for your pet. However, the tearless best quality shampoos might sometimes work.

How Do I Clean My Stinky Dog's Beard?

Cleansing a stinky or a dog with odors and stains isn’t a big deal for the parents. You may use various tearless and non-irritant shampoos to clean the beard. And you may also use a few home ingredients like baking soda or vinegar which act as a very safe cleansing agent. Cleaning isn’t the only fact. Instead, you should also discover why this bad odor, smell, or stains are developing in his beard. A smelly beard can be something referring to bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections. You must need to be assured if the smell is caused due to any medical condition or not. Irregular teeth, eye, ear cleanliness can also be a reason. Your dog’s diet as well as his skin should be checked. Though by following the above tips you’ll be able to Keep Dog Beard from Smelling, when you’ve observed smell in your dog’s beard, you must take him to the vet for some recommendations.

Well while cleaning your dog’s smelly beards, you of course need a shampoo and some home substitutes to your hand.

How to Keep Dog Beard from Smelling?

Before starting to clean your dog’s beard, you need to know about the proxy home ingredients that can be used instead and the procedure of applying them. Few home ingredients for making your dog’s beard look clean are:

1. Uses of Baking Soda To Keep Dog Beard From Smelling

Baking soda is a powerful deodorizing and cleansing agent. Baking soda needs to be mixed with warm water to convert it to a cleansing paste. However, a few steps you might follow are pointed below:

  • Take some warm water to a bowl. The temperature of the water should be mild and such that your dog can tolerate it
  • Mix some home available pure and natural baking soda and make a paste of it
  • Now gently rub the paste little by little to your baby’s beard and may also leave for a few minutes
  • Now again you need to use mild warm water to get that baking soda past removed. You should apply as well as remove the baking soda with your hands gently

In an alternative way, you can also take some baking soda to sprinkle it all over his beard and then brush it off. Baking soda is much effective to remove dirt and debris and deodorize at the same time.

2. Use of White Vinegar As A Beard Cleansing Agent

Besides baking soda, you can also white vinegar as a home ingredient to clean your dog’s beard. The use of vinegar to deodorize and to Keep Dog Beard from Smelling is quite easier than that of baking soda. Still, a few steps are mentioned below for some convenience:

  • Either you can apply vinegar to your dog’s beard or you also can make it dilute by adding some water to it
  • In the case of using vinegar, it’s better to remove the knots and wet the beard with mild warm water.
  • Now dip a sponge or cloth into vinegar and gently rub it over his beard
  • While cleansing you of course should use warm water
3. Natural Soap Alternatives To Keep Dog Beard From Smelling

Dog shampoo for smelly dogs and soapbark are the two most natural soaps which are the safest for eternal uses on humans as well as dogs. The soaps contain saponin as a unique ingredient of plants that can be boiled and strained. Being made so much natural, these soaps are allowed to be used over your dog’s beard. Their application is very easy, similar to our regular soaps.

How Do I Clean My Dog's Beard Using The Best Dog Shampoo?

As said before, the tearless dog shampoos of the best quality are allowed to be used on your dog’s beard to clean them. Well, this process of using shampoo would also combine with any home ingredient like vinegar or baking soda. Few steps that you might follow are enlisted below:

  1. 1
    First of all, you need to gently rinse your dog’s beard with mild-warm water
  2. 2
    Then you might use any Original Fresh N Clean Shampoo for your fur kid
  3. 3
    Then rinse that out again with warm water if there are still some stink and stains over there
  4. 4
    At this stage, you might apply any baby wipe or dog wipes to deeply cleanse the beards
  5. 5
    Now you can use a little amount of the home ingredients we mentioned above like diluted vinegar or baking soda paste and apply it all over his beard.
  6. 6
    In case of using baking soda, you can also sprinkle that and brush off all the knots from his beard as well
  7. 7
    As your done now, rinse off everything and let the beard dry with the best high velocity dog dryer and then brush them or comb them out to remove all knots.