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It seems that your dog’s having a nice day. But damn, it looks like he needs to go home grooming but in this case in fact; having a tour to the professional groomers is expensive. So dog home grooming is the best as it’s easy, safe, comfortable, and much creative whereas if the professionals are somehow in a rush it may have the risks of your dog’s death too. Isn’t it furious? Now let’s come to the exact point about how to restrain a dog while grooming, it’s obvious that he might be scared of the new grooming tools and may get anxious as well. So it’s a must to know how to calm your canine down.

How To Restrain A Dog While Grooming?

It’s not so easy for the new dog owners to restrain their dogs for grooming the first time because the dog is having first grooming with the parent. The sounds of the grooming tools may be scary for your dog. Again he may get nervous or anxious due to many other reasons too. By taking your vet’s advice in this regard you can provide your dogs some anxiety supplements and medications or you can calm him down by applauses, treats, and praises also.

What To Give The Dog To Calm Down For Grooming?

Some medications work well when you are trying to make your dog calm down during a grooming day but it’s a must to include your vet’s advice in this regard. Before calming down your dog, you must know about how to sedate a dog at home for grooming as it’s the first and foremost stage to be considered in this case. Medications like Benadryl works good as it contains diphenhydramine which mildly acts as a tranquilizer. You’ve to make sure that your dog isn’t scared or anxious about the dog grooming tools and uses. So you will have to make them familiar to the tools just as toys so that your canine companion enjoys the grooming rather than considering it as suffocation. You’ve also to choose the high quality, best dog grooming tools that mildly vibrates and doesn’t create noises. And you should keep on praising your dog while the grooming because it makes him happy, but don’t provide them with treats during the grooming as it may result in mistakes and accidents.

What Tools To Use During Dog Home Grooming?

Tool selection is indeed a great task to do because it the foremost objective that the tools remain dog friendly and absolutely safe. Those should be high quality which doesn’t actually cause harm to your pet best friend. Tools like the best dog grooming clippers for home use, clipper blades, trimmers, nail clippers, best dog grooming table for at home use, ear cleaners, and so on. But its quality actually speaks! Besides, you must also have the best treats with you and you can give those to him as soon as the grooming ends so that he feels beneficial.

How To Keep Dog Head Still While Grooming?

You need your dog to sit still so that your dog’s grooming doesn’t go wrong, right? But you can’t tether them or just tie with a rope rather what you need to use is restraint and muzzle and also it requires your patience. Praise your dog with pleasant sounds and give them a gentle touch so that he feels that you are praising him and avoid shouting or rush. Hold him in such a way he feels relaxed so that you may easily complete the task. Another important thing to be mentioned in this regard is that you must use the best dog grooming table for at home use and is suitable for your dog as they come in a great variety.

How Can I Secure My Dog For Grooming?

You can use restraints of a better quality as these may help to a great extent to secure your dog in a confined area during dog home grooming. Well if not still done, go ahead using a muzzle as it also plays a very significant role in keeping your dog secured. But if your dog enjoys the grooming, there’s not even a single matter to be worried of. So restraining your dog while grooming must be included in your to do list. Otherwise, your dog may have goosebumps after seeing the grooming tools after all.

Final Words About How To Restrain A Dog While Grooming

Grooming is a must for your dog be it brushing, bathing, or anything else. But if you are doing both grooming and bathing the same day, use the unscented dog shampoos, avoid the scented ones. Go with regular combing otherwise, it may form painful mats in your dog’s outer coat. Also, avoid too much bathing as it may result to fall in essential body oils. Before grooming like trimming, ear cleaning, and so on, be assured that your dog is calmed down and so you need to know how to restrain a dog while grooming. Don’t be in a hurry about your dog’s grooming as it may also come to death accidents as well. And teach your dog also not to be in a fix.