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For safety reasons, please speak to your vet before attempting to sedate your dog.

Dogs don’t actually understand what we are doing to them or they even don’t think if it is good for them or bad. Many dogs usually remain anxious during a home grooming and so this piece of writing will help you to know how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. Dogs are indeed stubborn so they won’t listen to you at a once. If your dog calmly lets you groom him off, it’s ok, you have a really obedient canine but if he’s playing with you and isn’t allowing you to groom him, this content is obviously for you.

How To Sedate Your Dog At Home For Grooming?

Sedate means to make your dog calm down which he isn’t going to do at all so you need to take some initiatives in this regard. You need to follow some do’s and don’ts in this case because if he isn’t calm during the home grooming process, it may lead to injuries, mistakes, and accidents too. Some of the steps in this condition are mentioned below:

Step 1: Use medications to sedate your dog

Medications are often served to the dog as sedatives which may tranquilize them within a short time. But the medication sedatives without the advice of the vet are of course dangerous because excess dose may lead to a disaster.
Sedatives are the first requirement of the dog owners if the topic stands on how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. Sedative Medications also include diazepam and acepromazine but their dose and application must be inquired from your vet first. Benadryl in a small amount is the most famous sedative for dogs. Though they are the solutions to some human allergies but still they also act as some sort of mild tranquilizer. But in this circumstance, your dog shouldn’t receive more than one milligram of Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCl) for each pound of his weight.

Step 2: Have a long walk time with your baby

Before start to groom your dog, he surely needs to be tranquilizer or relaxed. Apart from using the sedative drugs which aren’t always helpful, you may go through it naturally by taking your dog out for a walk.

If you are going on a long walk with your dog and return back the same way, your furry companion may get tired and he would surely require some rest. While this time span he’s taking rest, he’d be calm and would easily allow grooming him; but during grooming, you surely need to know about how to restrain a dog while grooming.

Step 3: Have a fun-filled playtime

Playing is another easy step in regard to how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. You can play normal games like Frisbee which would make him forced to run and catch some tiredness which may again become beneficial for you during the grooming session. But relaxation during the grooming period is also a must, so the best dog grooming table for at home use can also be applied during the grooming hour which may give him relaxation at that time too.

Step 4: Use gentle touches to calm your dog down

It’s true that your dog loves you and loves your gentle touches also as he feels himself to be affectionate. While the entire grooming process if you keep on giving him these sensations of gentle touches, he would surely allow you to continue the grooming process without any whining even. These affectionate touches make him feel relaxed and that would help you to a great extent on the regard of home grooming

Step 5: Go with the aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a kind of natural pre-grooming process which gives your dog a sensation of easement and relaxation which even also makes him ready for a grooming session.

In this sort of therapy, we use different natural soothing oils that are good for your dog’s skin. And a gentle touch with it completes the therapy. Soothing oils like lavender oil works great which solves your query of how to sedate a dog at home for grooming by calming them down.

Final Words On The Do’s And The Don’ts


  • Always try to make your dog feel relaxed
  • Use appreciated words and pleasant sounds
  • Always go with a gentle touch
  • Have a playtime earlier
  • Introduce the grooming tools earlier and make them friendly as they are with their toys
  • Maintain cautiousness in each stage of grooming so you need to know the dog grooming tools and uses
  • Have quite a great patience and show your dog how brave you are!


  • Don’t go to the grooming session directly without practices
  • Don’t shout on your dog
  • Don’t put the scissors in front of the dog’s eyes, in this regard you also need to know how to trim dog hair around eyes
  • Don’t provide treats to your dog during the grooming session as it may result in risks
  • Don’t be in a rush
  • Don’t lose hope by any means

So, these were my final words about how to sedate a dog at home for grooming. If you all the above-mentioned tips it may surely become easier for you to sedate your dog for grooming.