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Doesn’t matter what breed your dog carries, a regular grooming is required for all be it a small or a large dog. After having a bath the fur around his eyes is simply too disturbing and dogs just hate it too much. First of all, it gives them a look like a dog that hasn’t been groomed for years, and secondly, it may also hamper his eyesight or visuals also. So, it’s a must for the owners to learn how to trim dog hair around eyes because if this trimming isn’t done, your dog may also damage his eyes.

Though it’s harder to define the hair trimming around the dog’s eyes but still we are providing some steps which you may follow in this regard to get a better result.

How To Trim Dog Hair Around Eyes?

There are easy steps given below which may help you to learn how to trim dog hair around eyes. Though going to the professionals is better but they aren’t always available and again it may take a great cost and slightly end up your budget, right? Try it out at home with more fun!

Pre-Grooming Steps

Step 1: Restrain your dog while grooming

This is the most important step during dog grooming which should be paid heed. You can also check out how to restrain a dog while grooming as it the most important pre-grooming step. Because if your dog is not still in a place it may hamper your dog’s grooming. The best dog grooming table for at home use works well to keep your dog stable in one place.

Step 2: Gather all the tools required to start

Tool selection is indeed a harder task to be done because your dog may even shiver if the tools seem to be too dangerous for him. The dog hair comb is the primary tool in this process as you’ll have to go on combing and cutting during the entire process. Secondly, you may require the best dog grooming clippers for home use or scissors which may also work well. Another important fact is that you must have enough knowledge about the dog grooming tools and uses also so that there remains no risk.

Step 3: Have a playtime first

If your dog is going through this process the first time, he may get anxious at once and so you’ll need him to be relaxed. If you play with him for a while or run after him, he’ll be tired and lie for some rest and while he’s relaxing, you may complete your task.

Step 4: Lie down your dog to a confined place

You need to be prepared before the cutting starts and your dog also needs to be ready for it. So, let him lie down in a place to relax as he’ll be already tired. Then, you may use the best dog harness to keep him still on a single place be it on the grooming table.

Step 5: Sit behind his back

This one is another major step in regard to how to trim dog hair around eyes. You need to sit behind his back head and start to give him some gentle touch to the face so that he thinks it as usual and gets used to it.

Step 6: Start the process through combing

Start combing throughout the entire face gently and slowly.

During-Grooming Steps

Step 1: Wipe around the area gently first

Wiping is the most important of all the steps indicated above because hygiene really matters in each and every case. You’ll need some tissue that surely needs to be soft or you can use a towel with warm water. But using the best dog wipes is better among all of these ideas and is safe with no risk.

Step 2: Brush around the exact area

You can use a regular dog brush on your dog’s fur around the eye area. As it is too much sensitive spot, it should be taken care of and you mustn’t point the scissor or clipper directly in front of the eyes.

Step 3: Combing around

Now slowly and with gentle combing start the grooming process. The fur above the eye should be combed upwards and the fur below the eye should be combed downwards but it should be combed so far away from your dog’s eyes as possible.

Step 4: Trimming process sincerely

You’ll have to start the trimming process now rather you can use scissors or clippers but be assured of how to fix hair clippers that won't cut. Keep the clipper or scissors in a resting spot against the skin and you’ll need to be too gentle and sincere so that it doesn’t hurt them. Taking small clutches continue cutting the hairs slowly and smoothly.

Step 5: Enough patience

As you have already started the process now you can’t lose it so, continue doing the grooming till it ends and don’t lose energy or hope because if you give up, your dog isn’t also waiting. It may take some time and patience but be still on your determination.

Cautions That Should Be Maintained In Such Regard

  • The sharp point of the scissors shouldn’t be directly pointed towards your dog’s eyes
  • The scissors should be horizontally placed lying on the dog’s outer coat
  • Comb the fur above the eye upwards and below the eye downwards
  • The scissors should be placed away from the eye
  • Along with the eye hair trimming also check out the eyelashes of your dog and be cautious of it
  • Continue trimming your dog and go slowly with enough confidence
  • Go for some trials on other objects before starting it around your dog’s eye
  • Be assured that your hand doesn’t slip or your dog doesn’t move otherwise it may give rise to higher risks
  • Take the fur small in amount and taking those on your hand slowly and steadily continue it
  • If any small injury takes place which may be common at the first trial, consult your vet instantly

So, that was all about how to trim dog hair around eyes. If you follow these steps, it may really help you to a great extent and if you are new, it won’t be easy for you to do it for the first time. All you need is some patience, energy, and strong determination to be stable so that your dog also remains brave during this trimming.