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Are you having a look inside your dog’s ear? It’s obvious for you to check either there’s any dirt or wax layer inside the ear cannel or not. Not all breeds but hairy breeds having hair all around the face like the poodles, shihtzus, schnauzers, and Lhasa’s need to go for frequent removing hair from dog ear canal. I’d recommend having an ear clean of your dog once a month because if the dirt and wax get cumulated within the ear canal, it won’t allow the air to pass through it. Dogs with floppy ears are the proof of such warmth below their ear due to improper air pass through the ear.

Why Is Removing Hair From Dog Ear Canal Important?

Can you imagine, how it would be if air couldn’t pass through your air and a warm over there? It won’t be so comfortable, right? The same also happens with dogs; the air can’t get into the inner canal of the ear due to the growth of gross ear hear. These aren’t only responsible for the formation of a layer of the wax inside, but they also come in contact with dirt, debris, and insects which may be dangerous for the dog. And if the cleaning isn’t done in the meantime, it may result in shivering incidents like hearing impairment also. This important task is harder to accomplish so you’re a must to have a look at How to soothe dogs ears after plucking urgently.

Extreme Cautiousness Before Starting

One of the most important facts of grooming is that it requires excessive cautiousness also because it comes to the sensitive parts like the ear. Before getting into removing hair from dog ear canal you must need to ensure some securities like from where to start plucking up the ear hair, where the dead hair of the ear canal starts from, and how to pull up the ear hair gently. Another most important thing that you should never ignore is that you must ensure if there’s any ear infection inside or not. If you found so, nothing to worry just have a look at how to treat dog ear infection without Vet if you are on a budget.

Removing Hair From Dog Ear Canal

The ear hair inside the ear canal would be some sort of longer just like its surrounding hair. So, it becomes a bit difficult to distinguish the dead hair and remember one thing that you should never pull ear hairs that are outside the canal and not dead like that of the canal ones. The element you’ll require before starting are-

  • Dog Ear Cleaner - Before starting the plucking of dog ear, you’ll need to search whether there’s an infection or not. But still, the use of the best dog ear cleaner is a must like Zymox which should not have harmful ingredients.
  • Dog Ear Powder -The best quality of dog ear powder is also very crucial but don’t forget to have an allergy test. The best dog ear powder like Miracle Care R-7 works great for getting a stronger grip.
  • Hemostats - As an alternative of fingers, many new dog owners use hemostats which gives a similar result. The best hemostats are the safest to use. Be cautious of not using the quality-less risky ones 
  • Soft Cotton Balls – Hygienic soft cotton buds are a must if you are plucking the dog ear hair but using the unhygienic one may be dangerous. So use Specially Designed Dog Cotton Buds 
  • Dog Ear Wipes – Be alert of using the best vet recommended dog wipes for safer pluck like Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes which is proved to be vet recommended.

Top 7 Tips On Removing Hair From Dog Ear Canal

The pulling of ear hair inside the ear canal can be done both with the hemostats and fingers. For new dog owners, they like to do it with hemostats but I’ll recommend doing it with fingers which makes it easier and safe. Here some steps are mentioned below for an easier concept -

  • Make your dog used to with the ear touch so that he doesn’t go crazy with the first touch during removing hair from dog ear canal. Clean the area both inside and outside the dog ear canal so that there remains no dirt before you go through it but don’t forget to use the best dog ear cleaner for that.
  • Separate the hair inside and outside the air canal; try it out using fingers and if not done, you can use the best dog ear powder to get the easier grip of the dead hair inside the canal. Don’t use nozzles and don’t get too deep inside the ear canal as it may result in accidents.
  • Now you are to pluck the hair, but remember to do it gently. Take small grips of hair from the inner canal. Take a grip of hair in a smaller amount so that it doesn’t hurt at all. You may go with hemostats also but it may be a bit risky. Pluck each hair by pulling gently as the dead hair would come out easily.
  • Now you can clean your dog’s ear using the soft cotton balls or alternatively you can also use the best dog wipes which give better results.
  • As you have recently done the plucking and wiping the ear, let it come in contact with the neutral air so that it dries up soon.
  • Now check inside if there’s any cut or pain inside the ear canal or everything’s ok. If it’s done, then clean the ear with a soft towel. I would recommend you do this plucking once every month with the highest cautiousness.

So, these were all a short description of removing hair from dog ear canal. Before starting please don’t forget to clean your tools so that your baby doesn’t yell you. But don’t get water to have an entry inside your dog’s ear canals. If any accident takes place, immediately contact your vet.

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