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Bathing is of course appearing as the best way to keep your dog clean and fresh throughout the weeks. And even the use of waterless dry shampoos or home alternatives. But bathing isn’t as relaxing to dogs as like us because it includes too much struggle for them like water sprinkling, use of shampoo, scrubbing, and so on. Well, now the frequently asked question among most dog owners is should I brush my dog before or after a bath? And the most preferable answer is yes. Brushing contributes a lot in smoothening your dog’s coat which makes it easier for a quick bathing and grooming session.

Should I Brush My Dog Before Or After A Bath?

Sure, you should do it of course. Did you know that bathing can make your baby’s hair knots worse? That’s why you should brush and get off all those knots so that it doesn’t make havoc while you are rubbing shampoo or scrubbing. And again, brushing your dog’s hair after a bath is also essential. You surely need to brush him this time so that the knots made while bath get resolved. Another often risen query among the parents is how frequently to brush a dog.

Is It Better To Brush My Dog Wet Or Dry?

Utmost recommendations shout out that having a brush over the dog’s coat when it’s dry is better than having it brushed while wet. As brushing over wet hair my result making the knots appear to a worse condition, you should wait to get that hair dried after the bathing is done. In case of brushing, be assured of using the Best brushes namely the slickers so that you don’t end up damaging their coat. Moreover, if you are having a poodle, doodle, or breed with luxurious hair, you must ask your groomer or vet about the best brush to use over them. But finally, it can be said that slicker brush is applicable for dogs of all hair sizes.

How often Should You Brush Your Dog's Hair?

Having brushing differs for dogs having different sizes of hair. However, the common thing is that brushing is of course required before and after each bath.

  • Before a bathing session
  • After completing the bath
  • Once in a week for those with short hair
  • Every day for the double coated or large haired dogs
  • Frequent uses if coat easily gets knotted or matted

Standard Guide of Brushing Varying Dog Hair

Hopefully, the following list below would be quite a significant guide for all dog owners to learn the perfect frequency of brushing dog hair.

Coat Name

Coat Type Explained

Similar Breed

Brushing Frequency



Minimum range of hair all over the body

Chinese crested dog, hairless Mexican and Xoloitzcuintli

Alternate weeks

Smooth and short haired

Minimum sized smooth hair with mostly an excluded undercoat

Doberman Pinschers, pugs and Basenjis

Once per week

Wiry and short haired

Coursed and thick at the same time with usually a short undercoat

Dachshunds, Airedales, terriers, schnauzers etc.

Twice per week

Curly haired

Usually soft or course and being curly or wavy shaped

Bedlington Terriers, Kerry Blue Terriers, and Poodles

Twice per week

Short and double coated hair

Under coat is thin and soft and the top coat is straight or wavy

Rottweilers and Labrador Retrievers

Twice per week

Silky and long haired

No undercoat is available and usually silky and luxurious in texture

Yorkshire Terriers, Silky Terriers and Maltese

Three to four times per week

Course and long haired

The undercoat is thick and heavy whereas the top coat is straight or wavy textured

Tibetan Terriers, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus

Three to four times per week

Long hair and double coated

Undercoat seems thick and heavy and at the same time, top coat is course and straight

Samoyeds, Collies and Chow Chows

Three to four times per week

How Do I Know When To Stop Brushing My Dog?

Surely, we need to keep in mind not to brush burning your dog’s skin. The easiest answer is when you’ll notice that almost all parts of your Fido’s hair are free of all possible knots and the hair turns out to be smooth and silky enough. Remember, when you are no more able to pinch out a tuft of hair, you should immediately prevent yourself from brushing anymore.