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A dog carrying crate which must be large enough for his comfortable stay even in his adult stage (if you don’t want to invest again and again)

Before bringing a puppy for the first time, you surely need to be concerned about what to bring when pick up a puppy from the breeder. The initial few hours of picking your pup from the breeder are the main base of you and your fur baby’s bond. Well, your pup may be nervous initially but it’s your fore responsibility to make your new pup feel at ease.

First Day of Picking Up Your Puppy From The Breeder

On your first appearance, your pup should feel a confidence of peace so that he may agree to spend his entire life with you. In other words, you surely need to provide the most affection and comfort to your baby. On the first day, he may be prey to many new and unusual sounds that he’s never heard after his birth. Remember that they are like human babies and their body is also fragile like that of a human body, so, you may carry your baby at a puppy traveling crate or your lap with the utmost comfort. This also makes him feel the warmth of your love.

Preparations of What to Bring When Pick Up Puppy from the Breeder

There are some sorts of dog accessories that are a must for you to purchase before you take a puppy home. These supplies are the initials for the few days. A short description of that selected stuff are mentioned below:

Bringing A Puppy Home Checklist

1. Identification Tools

Your selected dogs surely need some signs so that he can be separated from the rest other. In such measure, you must carry a name tag with you. The name tag should be large enough so that his name including his address, your phone number, name of the vet, and other details fit perfectly.

2. Puppy Travelling Crate

Take a puppy crate for your new puppy to make him felt secured within it. This crate should be larger than your puppy’s size but in such a size so that your baby may also fit in it even in his adult age.

3. Small Pup Collar

This collar also has a great significance in establishing ease between you and your four-legged companion. As he gets older, he surely needs to carry his identity. In that case, he’d surely require one day to hand name tags with puppy collar and so it’s better to have your puppy accustomed to the habit of putting on a collar.

4. Important Registration Papers

Before the day you’ll pick up your pup from the breeder’s house, you need to assure if all the registration and formalities are done or not. Completing this task earlier makes the work easily accomplished within a short span of time.

5. Some Treats For Snacks

Pups usually catch hunger very fast. While traveling home from the breeder’s house, your baby may catch hunger, thus you should absolutely carry the most quality-full safe odor free treats for your baby.

6. Some Dog Safe Chew Toy

After taking your baby at home, you might require taking some extra care for your baby and this task becomes even hard if your dog doesn’t have any toy or chew to spend time with. So you obviously need to purchase some puppy chew toys for your baby for keeping him engaged with that.

7. Small Puppy Blanket

If it’s winter, this supply is a must for your fur baby. Besides, keeping the pup wrapped up with a waterproof blanket keeps him safe from all germs and viruses.

8. Long Dog Leash

If you plan to take your dog for a walk, you’d surely require a long dog leash so that he doesn’t get lost. This leash of course needs to be made up of either nylon or leather. And it should be at least foot extended in size.

9. Puppy Shampoo and Some Cosmetics

These bathing and cosmetic items are also a must for the babies new to the home. Pups love to roll over mud and dirt which gives rise to the risk of having flea, ticks, and other kinds of infection. To prevent this action from taking place, you must ensure the presence of the best Puppy shampooPaw Protector, and other stuff like that.

10. A Bunch of New Combs and Brushes

If you have a plan to home groom your baby, you must require some initial dog grooming tools to start. Amongst brushes, there are a lot available specially designed for de-shedding or for some special feature. Well, actually this tool depends on the hair type of your dog's breed. So, you shouldn’t forget to once take the advice of your Vet.

11. Dog Stain and Odor Remover

Due to excessive rolling over grasses and mud your small furry buddy may gain odors emitting from him. Again, these odors are the main reason behind the formation of tick, infection, and skin disease. So, you must keep a deodorizer spray with you. In case of a pup with tear stains that appeared due to separation anxiety from the biological parent, you may also consider purchasing a tear stain remover.

12. Stainless Steel Water Bowl and Water

In case if your baby is hungry, water also plays a significant role besides any dry food. And it is better to make your puppy used to with that stainless bowl water bowl from the beginning. This will contribute a lot to his training life.

13. Puppy Food

You must also carry the most healthy and nutritious best puppy food for your baby. Be cautious of not feeding your pup any adult dog food, because it may reduce the chances of side effects.

14. Nail And Hair Clippers

Though these products aren’t the initial ones, they indeed play a significant role in dog home grooming for beginners.

Steps To Be Taken During Picking A Puppy From The Breeder

  • Before you start your home journey, make a plan to have some short drives with your puppy for some initial times so that he doesn’t get scared of this new circumference.
  • Carry a puppy crate for your pup’s safety. But that should of course be large enough so that he can also adjust when he would reach his adult age.
  • Take Potty Pads with you during the travel period to reduce the risks of destroying of car seats.
  • Don’t take your puppy with you on the front seat. It will scare your baby as well as distract the driver from maintaining the car’s balance.
  • Stop the car within every couple of hours so that he gets time to do his excretion task.
  • Take a puppy collar for your baby which would act alternative to the crate while car traveling.
  • Take enough food and treats with you within the car.
  • Play within the car stops to get the food digested.
How To Introduce Your Puppy To The New  Owner?

Dogs are by nature aggressive. They would never accept to share their love with any new partner. So, it’s a bit tough to get your new pup introduced to them. Some steps you can maintain are:

  • Put a leash on each pet to get them separated from quarreling with each other.
  • Put away all the favorite things of the previous pet so that he doesn’t get tensed while seeing the other new puppy.
  • Get both of their water and food bowl separated because dogs really hate sharing their food.
  • Allow them to sniff each other and have a good introduction.
  • Try to make your both pets have a better interaction every day by being the most patient and calm.

Well, the list of items for a puppy isn’t confined to these few products only; rather you’d require a lot more. But these products were a short guide to the starting items of it. But the new puppy owner checklist is vast. But you need to be assured of the items if they are advised and recognized by your vet or not.

Closing Warmth

Bringing a new pup at home is pretty much similar to that of bringing a new human baby from the hospital. The total responsibility of that baby is yours. If it is your first time owning a fur baby, you must check out consciously what to bring when pick up puppy from the breeder so that nothing gets missed out. As the pups are quite delicate, they may get upset with any kind of harsh sound or noise. So, try to ensure that you and your family are always soft to him. If you start this new journey by loving your pup, he’d love you back two times but it would just require some time.