Best Cordless Dog Clippers for Home Use

Dog Cordless Clipper

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Isn’t it a new knock to our brain about why should we use the best cordless dog clippers for home use? Of course, it is. That’s everyone who’d like to have a new haircut especially something comfortable and light. The same is also in the case of our four-legged companion. Moreover, dog grooming at home establishes and enhances a strong bond between you and your dog which contributes you to a lifespan supporting company.

Another important fact is that the human hair clippers are too harsh and dangerous for your fur baby as they can cause a great tragedy to him in a few seconds only. That’s why it’s said the cordless clippers are safe and so-called best for home use. And with one charging span, this device provides you a long backup even for the dog with the thickest and heavy coat.

Which Cordless Dog Clippers Are Best?

The nicest of the so-called best cordless dog clippers for home use should also possess a few attributes likely the following ones:

  • It should be kind of ergonomic and comfortable to hand
  • Easy grip facilities should be available
  • Clipper can be literally weighty but of course not heavy which is comfortable to your hands
  • Should possess very light noise with mild vibration
  • Needs to be prepared with all high quality and long-lasting parts
  • Should be of electrically charged long-lasting backup
  • Battery life and motor efficiency should be enough qualified

These are a few characteristics that make a specific cordless clipper turn out as the best. However, this selection totally depends on you and your pooch. Every time it’s better to have a discussion with your local groomer or professional about which specification of clipper would be the best for your dog according to his coat type.

Cordless Vs Corded Clippers

Well, many dog owners would like to go with the corded dog clippers and of course, they aren’t a bad choice. Also, the corded ones come on a comparatively low budget. And you can also check out the best dog grooming clippers for home use here. Besides facilities, the corded ones also come with some defects. Their cords are sometimes leaked or torn due to accidents and moreover, the corded ones are also tended to keep the grooming session conserved according to the cord length.

Whereas, the best cordless dog clippers for home use allow you the most convenience making it wire-free and you may go on with your freestyle. And with the cordless dog clippers, you don’t need to worry about the electric connection rather just a short charging span may contribute to a long-time backup. They with ease ensuring ergonomic handle, awesome battery life, and motor efficiency. In total, most professionals term cordless clippers as the best for their high-velocity support and long-term durability.

The Top 12 Recommended Best Cordless Dog Clippers For Home and Salon Use

  • Wahl KM Brushless Motor Included For Thick, Coarse And Matted Coats Clipper
  • Wahl Bravura Lithium Lightweight Pet Grooming Cordless Clipper
  • Wahl Motion Professional Non-Corded High-Quality Clipper Kit
  • Oster Pro 3000i Clipmaster Single Speeded Dog Cordless Clipper Set
  • Andis High Quality Pulse Zr II Blade Detachable Cordless Clipper
  • Heiniger Blue Saphir Plug Version Standard Dog Cordless Clipper
  • Oster Volt Professional Care Lithium-Ion Battery Detachable Cordless Clipper
  • Ruri’s Low Noise Electric Dog Cordless Trimmer for Home Use
  • Wahl Professional High-Quality Arco 5 in 1 Cordless Grooming Clipper
  • ARTERO HIT Heavy Duty Professional Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers
  • Artero Spektra Unique Hairstyling Trimmer Especially For Professional Uses
  • Kenchii Flash 5-Speed Clippers For Both Dogs And Cats

Though all of them might not belong to a very high quality the above list represents something on average. This list was included as the best ones considering the motor efficiency, battery life, and long-term durability.

Wahl KM Brushless Motor Included For Thick, Coarse And Matted Coats Professional Cordless Clipper

The body trimming efficient professional Wahl KM clipper has dual accessibility of making it both corded and cordless at the same time. Besides dogs, these clippers are also perfect for being used for horses, cats, and other livestock as well. And it is also said to be quite effective for dogs possessing matted, thick, or coarse coats. Moreover, speed control unique accessibilities are also there included in its features.


  • Two different powerful motors striking 3000 SPM and 3700 SPM
  • Includes customized speed control accessibilities
  • Lightweight of 16 oz with brushless motor
  • Both cordless and corded features are available
  • Provides high backup for non-stop 2 hours
  • Lithium-ion battery also as a long time battery protection
  • Quite great for noise-sensitive canines
  • 5-year warranty for USA purchase
  • Packaging includes a cleaning brush, oil, instruction book, 10 feet charging cord, and #10 blades


  • Users claim comparatively slow working

Wahl Bravura Lithium Lightweight Pet Grooming Cordless Clipper

The Wahl bravura cordless clipper like the first one also provides the innovative function of being both corded and cordless at the same time. It’s lightweight and is adjustable with the 5-in-1 blades namely #40, 30, 15, 10, and 9. Again this clipper has another facility of providing full 90 minutes high power supply until the battery totally discharges. This device also includes full-time cool running and very mild vibration making it easier to groom over face, feet, and all over the body of dogs of small and medium size belonging to all types of breeds.


  • Great for trimming face feet and all-out finish for dogs of all breeds and of small and medium-size
  • Acceptable for 5 lengths of different blades (#9-10-15-30&40)
  • Very lightweight of only 8.8 oz. along with 7 inches of length
  • Clipper comes with the advent of being a cordless or corded clipper
  • Lithium-ion battery protection
  • Unique LCD battery indicator included
  • 60 Minutes charging contributes to 90 minutes of running time
  • Also can be used for specification for horses, pigs, and horses
  • With brushless motor strokes up to 5500 SPM


  • Not much suitable for a rabbit

Wahl Motion Professional Non-Corded High-Quality Clipper Kit

With inclusive torque power, the Wahl animal motion classic silver and black slipper help a lot in getting trimmed through the toughest spots as well. Like the previous one, this clipper also provides the facility of 5-in-1 blade accessibility. Also, it requires 1 lithium-ion battery like the others as well and it also can be made either corded or cordless at the same time. And this clipper kit is said to be applicable for small to medium dogs for full body clipping and special touch-ups.


  • Comes with constant speed control accessibility
  • Clipper comes with the advent of being a cordless or corded clipper
  • LED multi-level traffic light battery control indicator
  • Adjustable 5 in 1 with #9, 10, 15, 30 and 40 blades
  • Weighs comparatively light of only 9.4 oz.
  • Professional power lithium motor strikes up to 5500 SPM
  • Effective in full body clipping and touch-ups especially for small to medium-sized dogs
  • 45 Minutes charge to a 90 minutes backup


  • Especially made for use inside the USA

Oster Pro 3000i Clipmaster Single Speeded Dog Cordless Clipper Set

The Oster Pro 3000i is quite different from the above-mentioned ones as it’s specially constructed for clipping over large dogs whereas the maximum others come for small to medium. And it is also termed to be versatile for grooming horses and cats besides dogs. The clipmaster single-speed cordless clipper can strike up to 3000 SPM and it is also capable of providing powerful backup of long term 2 hours.


  • Set also includes Cryogen X blades
  • Adjustable with all Oster A5 blades including the wide ones as well
  • Versatile enough for grooming cats, dogs, horses, and livestock
  • Motor is capable of striking about 3000 SPM
  • Provides long term cordless facility up to 2 hours
  • Provides full cordless freedom for a long time
  • Includes high-quality rotatory motor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • The packaging comes with a charging stand, battery, and 10 cryogen X blades


Andis High Quality Pulse Zr II Blade Detachable Cordless Clipper

Andis is always known for its outstanding quality for decades. However, this Pulse Zr II clipper also comes forward with its five-speed accessibility and quick battery removal facility. The clipper also can stay cooler for a longer span of time comparatively and remains even sharper than steel. The Pulse Zr II clipper can also provide long term 3 hours cooling backup with a short time charge. Moreover, it also comes with a removable lithium-ion battery and easily blades detachable facilities.


  • With rotatory motor and is applicable of clipping all types of dog hair
  • Single charge contributed to 3 hours cordless backup
  • Comes in 5-speed adjustability from 2500 SPM to 4500 SPM
  • Packaging comes with Lithium-ion power battery
  • Works efficiently with #10 ceramic edge blades
  • Runs on quite cooler while working and stays sharper than steel
  • Efficient with all shoe edge, ceramic edge, and ultra-edge blades


  • Users sometimes face broken delivery

Heiniger Blue Saphir Plug Version Standard Dog Cordless Clipper

The Heiniger Saphir is another popular item for cordless clipper owners. This one is quite unique as it comes with 2 battery controlling system for all-day long-running. But still, instead of being dual-motor, it can slightly be called perfect for home use. Now it’s said to be the best in today’s market for its unique sheer quality and powerful motor. And it also comes separately in USA or UK plugged versions. This clipper is also easy-grip hand-friendly.


  • Adjustable with almost all A5 blades
  • Slim body and easy-grip facilities
  • Comes with a 2 battery service and charger for an all-day go
  • Product weighs about 15.5 oz.
  • Motor is capable of 2650 double strokes for each minute
  • 45 Minutes of charge can contribute to each battery to stay cordless for 50 to 60 minutes
  • 12 Month warranty also available


  • Slightly expensive

Oster Volt Professional Care Lithium-Ion Battery Detachable Cordless Clipper

Like the other clippers, the Oster Volt professional clipper also has the common characteristics of possessing a detachable lithium-ion battery. Again, it is also suitable for clipping horses, cats, and livestock besides dogs as well. On the other hand, this clipper also has a unique characteristic that it can clip easily through the matted coats. And the rechargeable lithium-ion battery can work continuously for up to 2 hours easily.


  • One-time charge can easily contribute to 2 hours long run
  • Includes rechargeable high-quality lithium-ion battery
  • Clipper can strike up to 2400 SPM
  • Adjustable with all Oster A5 blades
  • Single-speed accessed clipper for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Lower blade speeds and torque designs are great for keeping it cool for a long time
  • Rechargeable battery charger for extended grooming sessions


  • Battery can’t supply 3 hours support

Ruri’s Low Noise Electric Dog Cordless Trimmer for Home Use

This product in our list can be termed as something like a detailing trimmer. Its narrow cutter head allows the groomers to have more details over the face, ear, paws, butt, toes, and other significant areas. It’s available in two color choices, black and white. And also comes lightweight and with an ergonomic comfort grip handle. Moreover, this product is equipped with a super quiet motor which would be the best experience for the most noise-sensitive babies.


  • Good for perfection over critical areas like face, butt, toe
  • Comes with unique narrow trimming head
  • Trimming narrow head is constructed out of stainless steel
  • Comes quite light in weight for an easy grooming session
  • Comes in two available colors
  • Includes ergonomic comfort ensuring the handle
  • Also includes super silent motor experience
  • Required AA batteries for running it


  • Not adjustable to very large blades

Wahl Arco Professional High-Quality 5 in 1 Cordless Grooming Clipper

The Wahl professional ARCO is another cordless clipper in this today’s market to earn huge fame indeed. This clipper is also available in 5 different colors. And also it’s adjustable with blades #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40, and that is why they say it is adjustable with 5-in-1 blades. Like the above one, this clipper is also great for trimming the hard-to-reach corners. And also easy and quick blade change facility is included in this clipper alongside accessibility over small and medium-sized dogs.


  • Great for trimming around ears, face, paws, and extra detailing
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs like Bichons, terriers, Spaniels, and Shih Tzus
  • Adjustable with 5-in-1 variety of blades
  • 75 Minutes charge contributes to 80 minutes cordless long run
  • Lightweight of 7.9 oz. and 6.75” length
  • Slim fit, lightweight, and comfortable handle
  • Easy cleaning with no-maintenance motor
  • Comes with 2 drop-in rechargeable batteries and a 1-year warranty


  • Great for use in the USA, not designed for international supply

ARTERO HIT Heavy Duty Professional Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers

Cordless clippers have always being a big hit among dog owners for their cord-free independence providing features and longtime backup after a short time charge. The clipper comes with a motor to strike 3000 RPM. At weighing 12.5 ounces, this clipper is lighter than the Andis Pulse ZR II, Wahl cordless, and much more. And the ARTERO clippers come with two lithium-ion batteries for providing 5 hours backup after 3 hours charging interval.


  • 3 hours charging lead to 5 hours cordless backup
  • Battery and motor comes with a warranty of a year
  • The clipper comes with 15V power and 9V DC-3A output
  • Two lithium-ion battery includes and is adjustable with #10 blades
  • Clippers weigh very light at around 12.5 ounces
  • The motor hits up to 3000 RMPs
  • Comparatively lightweight and conveniently usable cordless clippers
  • Durable motor and battery


  • Sometimes users find its manufacture quite loud

Artero Spektra Unique Hairstyling Trimmer Especially For Professional Uses

The Artero spektra hairstyling trimmer is known for its 5-speed convenience and provides both corded and cordless facilities. And the cordless running span of time of the trimmer depends mainly on its specific speeds. If used at 7000RMP, the trimmer will continue for 190 minutes, 6500RMP would last up to 200 minutes, 6000RMP lasts up to 205 minutes, using 5500RMP lasts for 235 minutes and finally, the run time for 5000RMP is 250 minutes. Comes with awesome battery life and is capable of going along run with a 3 hours charge only. And the trimmer also comes with power, time, battery life, and cutting length display.


  • This trimmer is specially constructed for hairstyle designing
  • Comes in 5 different speeds from 5000 RMPs to 7000 RMPs
  • With only a charge of 3 hours, this trimmer can run up to 4 hours and 15 minutes
  • Can be used both as a corded trimmer or the cordless ones
  • Nominal voltage of the trimmer comes from 100 to 240v
  • Has the capability to cut up to 1.9 mm length
  • Durable lithium battery with only 280 grams of weight
  • Standard razor blade, oil, cleaner, etc are included as attachments
  • Consists of a 4 in 1 blade respectively #40, #30, #15, and #10


  • Comb attachments aren’t of metal

Kenchii Flash 5-Speed Clippers For Both Dogs And Cats

The Kenchii flash unique five seeded clipper comes with smart clip technology and long-lasting battery life. And thus, this clipper enables the facility of auto power boost up when necessary. This feature also makes the clipper a good choice for both cats and dogs. The lithium-ion durable battery if charged once, leads to a long run of 6 hours. Moreover, its recovery charge technology extends battery life and makes it the next best option to use. Its 4-in-1 blade is able to cut different hair lengths, like 1 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm, or up to 1.9 mm. Well, that’s not the end; but this clipper also includes an extra unique LCD screen to put forward the overview of a charged battery, blade cleaning reminder, and much more.


  • Smart clip technology comes with the unique feature of power adjustment
  • Its voltage conservation mode supplies 110v to 120v according to the necessity
  • LCD screen displays speed, battery life, charge, blade cleaning reminder, etc.
  • Very quiet and calm clippers to relaxen the most sensitive pets
  • Its stay-cool technology keeps the blade cooled and safe during use
  • Blade length adjust-ability feature is also a unique feature of it
  • Best option for dogs and it can be used during traveling as well
  • Attachments also come with 2 combs of 3 to 6mm and 9 to 12mm respectively
  • Also included-blade oil, wall adapter, charging case, cleaning brush, and a 4-in-1 blade
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty and is made in the USA with love


  • None

Terminal Closing

No one is forcing as these few products as the best cordless dog clippers for home use but the choice actually depends on you and your puppy’s requirement. Most of these above-mentioned products were designed as the best according to their comfort promise, long battery life, and high motor efficiency.