Best Stainless Steel Tubs for Dogs

Best Stainless Steel Tubs for Dogs

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Groomers and Vets always require something strong and durable so that it doesn’t affect their long grooming sessions at any cost. Best stainless steel tubs for dogs are another important and popular grooming item among Vets and Groomers. Starting from dog trimming shears to bathing tubs or feeding bowls, they need everything to be of stainless steel. Because stainless steel products are much prior to last long and resist rust or staining.

Entering dog baths, the come in diverse qualities like the regular ones and those with special stainless features. Actually, a dog bah is a must needed grooming item for both home groomers and professionals; they allow bathing your dog easily without messing up your garden or washroom.

What Size Stainless Steel Dog Bath Tubs Do I Need?

Actually, the size depends on what size of dog you actually have with you. The dog bathtub should be enough large so that you and your fur baby can easily adjust during the grooming session. But giving an average recommendation, it should be at least 30 inches long, 36 inches wide and 36 inches of depth. But in the case of having a very small or very large dog, this average size may vary. Just look into the tub’s dimension and you’ll be able to understand the perfect size for your dog.

What Is The Perfect Stainless Steel Tub For All Breed Sizes?

Dogs come in their diversely varying breeds, sizes, and colors. However, bathtubs for dogs are available in the usual plastic ones, foldable ones, and even the high-quality stainless steel ones. If you are a professional groomer or you are groom like two or three dogs at your home, you’re more preferable to purchase the best stainless steel tubs for dogs that come being available for all dog sizes, breeds, and types. The usual or cheap ones usually get leaked somehow or due to an accident but the stainless ones are much safe driving in this regard. They promise you to give a long-run backup with your pooch.

After searching through 30 different dog bathing tubs we could reach up to these nine categories of dog baths specifying them for their being versatile, budget friendly and long lasting qualities.

Top 7 Choices of the Best Stainless Steel Tubs for Dogs

  • Pawbest Super Durable Rust Resistive Stainless Steel Tubs For Dogs
  • Flying Pig Versatile Waterproof Sealed 50 Inches Steel Dog Bathing Tub
  • Vevor Movable Floor Grate Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Tub
  • Flying Pig Height Adjustable 38 Inches of Stainless Dog Bath Tub
  • Master Equipment Stainless Steel Equivalent Dog Bath Tub
  • Flying Pig X-Style Electric Lift 50 Inches Professional Stainless Steel Tub
  • Shelandy Non-Slip Floor Grate Included High-Quality Stainless Steel Dog Bath

The stainless steel baths are said to be the best choice for commercial and home use. They are also used by aged owners for their dogs, but it’s not a mandatory grooming accessory for all the dog groomers out there. If you aren’t comfortable with this large investment, we’d like to recommend you invest in something like the regular foldable dog bathing tubs.

Pawbest Super Durable Rust Resistive Stainless Steel Tubs For Dogs

It’s a high-quality dog bathing tub from the Pawbest and it comes being made with the well-renowned rust resistive 16 gauges and 304 type stainless steel. The entire bathing set comes with 2 loops, 4 adjustable levelers, a non-skid mat, a hair trap, and a drain. Moreover, it also comes with a dog ease ramp providing huge support to the dogs being aged or victim to osteoarthritis. It's scratch resistance, shockproof, and would last with you for a long interval. The 50 or approximately 51 inches of stainless steel dog bathtub also includes some pre-drilled faucet holes making them adjustable with a wall mount faucet of 4, 6, and 8 inches.


  • Made with the well renowned 16 gauge 304 type of stainless steel
  • Comes with a sliding door making it water leakproof
  • Included with a 6 inches faucet sprayer as well
  • Floor is made anti-skid with an eco-friendly mat of ½ inches
  • Packaging comes in two available hookups
  • Included ingredients are also 4 levelers, 2 loops, hair trap, drain, and a non-slip mat
  • The bath also includes a comfort dog ramp for getting into the tub which also can be hidden after use
  • Includes a sliding door quiet as well
  • Pre-drilled faucet holes are made adjustable with 8, 6, and 4 inches of faucets


  • Sometimes users face delivery with missing parts

Flying Pig Versatile Waterproof Sealed 50 Inches Steel Dog Bathing Tub

Like the maximum best baths, the flying pig 50 inches stainless steel bath also comes being made with 16 gauge 304 type stainless steel. And this stainless steel facility provides sealing, high resistivity and a long time go. However, the buyers can get a special facility for selecting this bath according to their desired side of either the left drain or the right one. The back and side splashes can be removed for making it highly versatile. And again, the non-slip floor grates can be made adjustable with both the small and large dogs. It comes with a security lock system.


  • The door along with the entire tub comes watertight as an extra leak resistance
  • Bathtub is made available in both left and right drains
  • Comes with two adjustable overhead arm loops
  • The floor grates are made adjustable to both large and small pooches
  • Tub also includes faucets, sprayer, shampoo rack, and a ramp
  • Ramp can be made hidden after use
  • Back and the side splashes can be removed and adjusted for making it versatile
  • Instead of a sliding door, it comes with a highly secured locked door
  • Made for professional and commercial high working facility


  • Needs to be assembled before and after using it

VEVOR Movable Floor Grate 34inch Stainless Steel Dog Bathing Tub

The VEVOR 34 inches stainless steel dog bathtub is more budget-conserving. Well, it’s quite different with its stainless steel quality as it is made with the 201 type of anti-rust stainless steel. As the tub comes in 34 inches, it’s easily capable of carrying up to dogs of 200 lbs. the door is equipped to be removable and the ramp comes in the walk-in stair type instead of the slope ones. The tub floor includes a non-skid floor grate for a safe and non-slippery bathing session. It’s suitable for professional groomers, use in pet hospitals, and home use as well. The tub inside itself consists of water hoses, gloves, stainless steel feet, wrenches, and dog playing balls.


  • Tub is able to carry dogs up to 200 lbs weight
  • Door and ramp comes being retractable for high water leakage resistance
  • Floor grate comes being non-skid and removable functioned with handles for smooth bathing
  • The bathtub is made of 201 type stainless steel
  • Comes with high pressure and rust resistive stainless steel sprayer
  • Ramp facility comes in the stair type walk-in featured
  • The entire packaging also includes drainage pipe, shampoo rack, sprayer, wrenches, faucet, and warm and cold hoses
  • The 2 dog red-colored play balls also come making it more versatile


  • Doesn’t come with floor grate adjustability

Flying Pig Height Adjustable 38 Inches of Stainless Dog Bath Tub

Amongst the entire dog grooming baths mentioned till now, the 38 inches of flying pig is slightly moderate and perfect for home use over small dogs. The bathtub is at a great height allowing the groomer to easily bath the smallest pets as well. The height of the backsplash is 57 inches, the height from the basin to the floor is 37 inches, and the bottom of the basin to the floor is 30 inches. Again, the backsplash and side splashes can be removed for extra versatility. Like most other ones, this flying pig tub of 38 inches is also made with the 16 gauge 304 type rust preventive stainless steel.


  • Great for bathing small and medium dogs at home
  • Pets up to 190 lbs are also supported
  • Featured with all waterproof versatile seals
  • Leg levelers are available for height adjustability
  • Comes with a faucet, sprayer, rubber non-skid mat, restrained eyelets, and shampoo racks
  • The packaging also includes leash restraint dog loops
  • Includes a green rubber non-slip mat on the floor grate
  • Height can be adjusted according to the dog’s size


  • Dogs need to be carried to heights

Master Equipment Stainless Steel Equivalent Dog Lift Bath Tub

The fifth product on our list and it’s actually not made of stainless steel but equivalent to that. This dog bathtub is specially designed for lifting up heavy dogs as well. Though it’s not included with a getting-in ramp, its X-designed lifting procedure conveniently acts proxy. It includes a foot operating height rising system which can easily lift 220 lbs of dogs easily at 31 ¾ inches to 49 ½ inches as well. The tub also has an upward sliding dog for extra leak resistance to water. And also there are cute paw prints on the tub making it more attractive.


  • Comes in three different available colors
  • Durable as like the stainless steel ones and quite lightweight
  • Made with highly dense polypropylene
  • Tub with electric motor is capable of lifting pooches of 220 lbs up to 31 ¾ to 49 ½ inches
  • Door can be lifted or easily removable
  • Includes 2-foot operators for taking it upwards and downwards
  • Tub packaging includes 4 shampoo holders, overhead arms, 3 loops, drain, and 6 ½ drainage hose
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting with electric lift


  • Doesn’t come with faucet or sprayer
  • Though equivalent but still not made of steel

Flying Pig X-Style Electric Lift 50 Inches Professional Stainless Steel Tub

Flying pig is again here with a moderate size of 50 inches of the bathtub. It’s completely made of 16 gauge stainless steel like most others. It includes a drainage kit that also comes with a drain, flexible hose, and hair trap. The backsplash and slide splashes are easily removable for higher versatility. Not includes a ramp or stair, but still its X- style lifting procedure is much convenient for the heaviest dogs as well. The tub comes with a left side door lock and is easily capable of lifting dogs up to 220 lbs. leg lifting system with an efficient electric motor is able to lift up to heights from 32 inches to 46 inches.


  • Comes with X- style electric motor lifting system
  • Door featured with watertight seals for high leak resistance
  • Made with the most strong 16 gauge stainless steel
  • Includes all side steel frame for high resistance
  • Included with left side security look door system
  • Tub can lift up 220 lbs from 32 inches to 46 inches
  • Great choice for both small and large dogs
  • Removable backsplash and side splashes included
  • Tub packaging comes with a faucet, sprayer, hoses, drainage accessories, overhead arm, and loops


  • Users are sometimes not satisfied with the hoses while installing

Shelandy Non-Slip Floor Grate Included High-Quality Stainless Steel Dog Bath

The Shelandy dog bathtub is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel like most others. Moreover, it comes with a non-skid stainless steel comfort ramp. This dog bathing tub is said to be perfect for industrial and professional uses for Groomers or Vets. The non-slip floor grate is easily removable and with included overhead arms. The entire bathtub package includes accessories like shower, hose, faucets, shampoo rack, drainage accessories, etc. it’s suitable for both small and large dogs up to 260 lbs. And also it is included with a non-slip mat making it convenient for small animals as well.


  • Includes a non-slip removable floor grate for the small dogs
  • Built-in convenient walk-in ramp for the large animals
  • Double seal featured specially for making it strong and avoiding rust
  • Said to be ideal for professional and industrial high-quality use
  • Comes with built-in high-quality stainless steel manufacture
  • Tub packaging also includes hot and cold hose, faucet, sprayer, overhead arm, grooming loops, drain accessories, etc.
  • Acts to be a perfect choice for large dogs and small
  • Tub is made capable of lifting up to 260 lbs.


  • Users aren’t satisfied with its resistance quality

Closing Remarks

Usually looking for the best stainless steel tubs for dogs for the groomers and professionals would end up to some expense of course but you’ll surely be glad that you invested when you’d get results from it. Before selecting any stainless steel tub for your dog, look at its unique sides like the presence of a ramp, overhead loops, proper drainage facilities, and so on. Moreover, looking at the individual product dimension would be the best for you according to your dog’s size.

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