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“How long does it take a dog to dry after bath” is one of the most demanded inquiries of the absolutely new dog owners. If your dog doesn’t get dried up soon, there may remain the risk of being the prey to cold, fever, and so on. Well, if you are a new dog parent, there’s nothing to worry about. There are lots of techniques that may support much in order to get your dog dried up as soon as possible. Starting from the best dog blow dryer for home use to the best dog towels, there are innumerous options for getting your dog being dried up quickly.

How Long Does It Take A Dog To Dry After A Bath?

If you use any kind of regular dryer, you may get your dog 99% dried up within 20 minutes. Using any kind of towels would require you to spend more time on this task. If you’re owning a puppy, you can make your pup dried up within 20 minutes using a towel only. But as she grows up, her fur starts getting elongated, and using the same towel won’t be enough for her. At her grown up stage, if you go with a towel only, it may take you more than an hour. This long interval of time being wet may cause your fur baby to catch a cold. Again, you want the fur to be bone dry. Well, dogs with short hair may require less than an hour but with those having long hair, using a very high velocity two motor dryer is the best option.

What Happens If I Don't Dry My Dog?

Dogs aren’t allowed to stay wet for a long time. These result in various kinds of diseases like cold, fever, influenza, and a lot. Moreover, if you let your wet dog play around, her fur will catch a lot of mud and dust. Not only that but it also will make her smell muddy and dusty i.e. there’ll remain no output of having a bath session.

Another important thing is that dogs usually hate being wet for a long time. If you want to make your dog get dried up naturally, she’ll get sick as well as a lot of irritations. Moreover, wet fur also becomes the key attraction of fleas and hotspots.

How To Make My Dog Dried Up Faster?

Yes, as I’ve mentioned above, they're a great variety among different ways to dry up your fur baby quickly. The professionals and expert dog owners usually recommend that type of blow dryer which comes with both heating and cooling features. Well, the best method for drying up your dog very fast is to just press and let the towel absorb all water from your dog’s fur. One thing to be mentioned is that you should not rub vigorously over your baby’s fur. Otherwise, it might result in strong and stubborn mats or tangles. After you’ve absorbed some sort of water from your dog’s fur, the next thing you’ll have to do is to get a dryer and start moving on with that.

What Is The Best Hair Dryer For Dogs?

Well, we can’t define any specific product as the best for your dog but the answer actually depends on what type of coat and fur your dog has. But overall, those dryers having both cool and warm hair features are quite beneficial in comparison to the regular ones. Well, the amount of airflow in each dryer is different. For example, if you have a thick-coated dog, you’ll have to be sincere about one fact that is, which purchasing any dryer you’ll notice a measurement of the airflow on top of the box written as CFM (cubic feet per meter) which is sometimes also written as FPM. For your thick-coated baby, you’ll have to look for that kind of hair dryer that contains the highest number of CFM. For getting a brief description of the top choice for you, don’t forget to check our content on the best dog blow dryer for home use.

Top Procedures for Drying Up Dog Hair Quickly

Yes, as we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the content i.e. there’s not only a single method to dry up a dog’s hair. Rather, there are many other methods of drying up dog hair that act quite similarly as an alternative to hair drying. However, following down below is the list of the most famous techniques that are to be use to get your dog perfectly dried up.

1. Air Drying Procedure

In this method, you let your dog’s hair gets dried open in the natural air. Well, professionals don’t recommend air drying outside because wet hairs easily come in attraction to mud and dust. Again, it’s also not recommended for dogs to have double coats, thick coats,s and so on. This method works great for dogs with short hair. If this method is used for thick coats, the result may be infections, hotspots, and irritations due to a wet coat. Most experts recommend NOT using this method.

2.Towel Wrapping Procedure

After having a fun time bath session, your dog would probably shake herself to get rid of that extra water on her fur. After she’s done shaking, you’ll have to wrap her using the most absorbent towel. This wrapping method includes you keeping him wrapped for some moment in order to get all the water absorbed off. Again, using the best absorbent towel won’t be like the other regular ones. This towel won’t catch any kind of dirt or tangles.

3.Quick Drying Spray Procedure

In this method of drying up your dog’s hair, you’ll be using a special type of instrument i.e. a quick-drying spray. This method of drying up dog hair isn’t so liked or recommended by the professionals because it doesn’t bring any sort of change interval in the time taken to dry up your dog’s hair.

4. Best Hairdryer Procedure

This method is the last and the best of all methods among all those mentioned above. Well, dryers are usually great for dogs with long hair, dense or thick coats. Well, the dryers come in so many varieties that nowadays they can be applied over dogs with short hair as well. Among the best ones, they also come with a convenient feature i.e. having both hot and cool tempering capability. Again, hairdryers come in a lot of variety and amongst them, the chief types are mentioned below:

  • Cage Dryer: Usually these types of dryers have two tempering dual settings i.e. they usually blow heat at a low or cool temperature and at the highest temperature. This Cage Dryer is the most beneficial to the small as well as large animals who are scared of force dryers or other instruments. In cage drying, your dog remains inside a cage but in this condition, it takes more time to dry up in comparison to the force dryer. Again in this instrument, there remains the risk of the cage is getting overheated. And thus, you’ll require noticing her every two minutes.

  • Stand Dryer or fluff: This kind of dryer remains hanged on a stand. And a hose also remains attached to it so that you can comb your dog as well as dry hair at the same time. Well, the stand dryer works quite better than the previous one, and also it’s versatile. In queries on how long does it take a dog to dry after a bath, it takes the least time after force dryer. These dryers have a similar capacity of airflow as the dryer you use at your home. They come in two varieties of knobs one for airflow and another is for heat level management. Well, this type of dryer also works on average.

  • Force Dryer: This method is the most appreciated of all the other types of dryers. These dryers work the best of all. The force dryers aren’t made up of any kind of heating element. These provide the most satisfying result. They generally have three options i.e. fastest, faster, and fast and you may also sometimes get the On and off button. You’ll notice some kind of vapor blowing from your baby’s hair. That’s not dust, rather it’s the water being heated and forcibly dragged out of your dog’s hair. If you are using the best models you’ll find that they are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to get dried. And the professionals and experts do recommend using this type of speed, heat, and sound adjustability dryers. It saves money as well as time. Well, remember not to dry the long hair at an angle that may create whips and thus a mess of whip knots.
Why Is My Dog Afraid of Hair Dryer?

Yes, many dog owners have this kind of issue. Your dog may initially get scared of any noisy instrument being used over her. In this regard, if you have a noise-sensitive baby, you must look for those dryers which are low noisy and mild ones. Again you can also use the best happy hoodie for her which will make her feel like less noise around her. If you’re having your fur baby first time with you for home grooming, don’t forget to check out how to restrain a dog while grooming. Well, our main target would be to ensure that your four-legged companion is at comfort; otherwise, she won’t let you go through this process perfectly.

A playtime before the bath session would be perfect for making her feel relaxed. Now gradually apply the dryer to his butt which gives her a good massage and then gradually moves towards his entire body; and if you are using the other methods like the towel, I think you really won’t face any kind of difficulties.

Conclusive Words

The short answer to the question ‘How Long Does It Take A Dog To Dry After A Bath’ is 10 to 20 minutes. If you use towels or other methods, you may require more than an hour. But the dryer methods would bring you the most relevant results within a few minutes. But before you start please try to ensure the safety of both your dog and you. The regular dryers get hot for a few minutes after use but the best ones would stay cooled until three grooming sessions. So don’t forget to purchase the very high-velocity dog grooming dryer for your fur mate.