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Canine Clippers are the most frequently required peice of equipment in dog grooming. Besides being concerned about purchasing the best clipper for your furry buddy, you want to be sure that they are looked after so the always perform optimally.

The maintenance of dog clippers includes oiling of the clipper blades on a regular basis, replacing the blades when necessary, and more. The interval of changing the blades actually depends on the brand, design, and the amount of use of the dog grooming clipper. Regular maintenance and correct storage of grooming clippers along with the blades is crucial to ensure a safe grooming session.

Why Do Andis Clipper Blades Need To Be Replaced?

Just as professionals need to rely on dog clippers daily, It’s usual for the blades to get dull after several grooming sessions. And for that, the clipper blades need to be replaced. Both for home use and professional use, this replacement of clipper blades is essential for safe grooming. Blade replacement ensures the grooming session is fast and easy because of the increased sharpness of new blades.

How often Should You Replace Andis Clipper Blades?

Some say that 3 - 4 months is the suitable period to get the clipper blades replaced. And some experts also recommend replacing on a basis of 4 - 6 months. But we can strongly say that, for the Andis Clippers, the ideal time of getting the blades replaced is 4 to 6 months. But this replacement can also be made earlier if the clippers seem to be cutting slower than usual.

What Are the Signs Of Worn Clipper Blades?

Some signs or symptoms that you have a worn blade are as follows:

  • When you notice some rust, dirt, or debris on the blades
  • When any tooth of the blade is missing
  • If the real and front rails are somewhat flat
  • If you feel movement while moving the cliper side to side
  • If the clipper is pulling hair rather than cutting it
  • If the clippper often gets a blockage during clipping

Why Should I Replace My Andis Clipper Blades?

In spite of oiling the clippers on a regular basis, it’s usual for the clippers to eventually be dull or rusty. In such conditions, you have two options - either get the old blades repaired by a professional clipper sharpener or get a new blade. Please bear in mind that the cost repairing a clipper blade is about $5.25 to $9 approximately which can be 5 times the cost of getting a new blade. On the other hand, sharpening blades is less wasteful. Eventually you will need to replace the blade as it will impossible to resharpen.


Andis clipper blades will become dull over time and the more ou use them the quicker they will dull. Andis clipper blades usually need replacing or resharpening between 4 - 6 months.  With proper care and maintenance of the blades the running range of the clipper blades might differ. You should regularly check your clipper blades for damage, rust and other signs of wear and replace as required. Clipping should not be a stessful experiance for your pup and sharp clipper baldes will make the gromming session faster and easier for both of you.