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If you are a new dog owner reading out this content you might be wondering that ‘how to cut dogs face hair? It seems to be difficult!’ absolutely no, trimming dog hair around the face may be a bit scary if it’s your first time grooming around the face and your dog is too wobbly. That’s the thing you’ve got to avoid. If your dog’s too energetic to jump over and ruin all your dreams of having a dog face cut, then you need him to be relaxed and of course not with the tranquilizers or other medications.

Should I Cut My Dog’s Hair?

The answer would always be ‘yes’. Suppose you have got long hairs and those are disturbing your sight and are making it difficult for you to see others. In those cases, won’t you cut your long hairs off? Similarly, it happens with the dogs too. When the hair around their face grows too long, it becomes difficult to intake food, dirt and debris also get into it, and again it may also affect their visuals too. So you also need to trim them off. But without knowing How to cut dogs face hair it literally seems to be a difficult job.

How To Cut Dogs Face Hair?

So, here we’re going to follow two methods one using regular dog shears and another with the best dog grooming clippers for home use. The choice depends on you actually with that dog grooming tools you are more convenient with. But you need to choose the better option which you think is easier for your fur baby. The two methods that we’re going to follow are below:

  • Combing Out Method
  • Relaxation Method

The first method is applicable when you are going with the best dog grooming scissor brands rather than the clippers and the second one is applicable when your grooming tool stands at clipper which are I think safer to use.

Combing Out Method

In this method, you would be requiring is a slicker brush, a pair of scissors, and a stainless steel comb. This method is mentioned in some steps as follows:-

  • Call on your dog with applauses so that he remains in a good mood to go for a dog face hair grooming
  • Comb around all the face area of your dog so that all the dirt and stuck food particles also get out of it. There may be tangles and small Matts which need to be demated
  • Start your trimming process from below the chin which is expected to be the best place to be started from. You need to gently pull the face hair downwards for an easy trim and after starting from the chin; you need to go upwards conveniently
  • Then you’ll need to go on moving towards the snoot of your dog. Go upwards starting from below the nose of your dog. The dogs don’t have internal nose hair as we do have but in this regard, you also need to know why is my dog’s nose dry and crusty because it’s one of the most terrifying problems for the dog owners.
  • Using a pair of dog grooming shears you need to trim out the facial hair. But in this process, you’ll need to trim out the extra hair from the face with the help of a line combing procedure
  • Now start going upwards using the same method towards the eyes. I know that the eyes are a bit risky and need more practice and so you may have a look at how to trim dog hair around eyes
  • Now finish this combing method by using a soft brushing on your dog’s face and if it isn’t available with you, go on using the best dog hair thinning shears which is also effective and is thought to be helpful

Relaxation Method

This is another effective method if you’re having a query on How to cut dogs face hair. That’s the second method that uses hair clippers to this effect. The tools required are slicker brush, comb, scissors, and clipper.

  • Keep your dog relaxed but not using the tranquilizers rather try to do it naturally by playtime or a long walk of 30 to 45 minutes so that he becomes tired anyway
  • Take your dog to your regular grooming place so he gets ready for a cut. But the place should be comfortable for both you and your pup
  • Start with your slicker brush but along with the growth of the hair of your dog’s face which makes it even easier to trim
  • Now it’s time for using your best dog grooming clippers for home use but be assured of using the clippers safely, be careful while taking it to your dog’s eyes. Also, you need to replace the blades accordingly following a schedule. You need to start it from the top of the head and then downwards to the neck, and then go through the chin and muzzle
  • Lastly you need to use the thinning shears but before that it better to have a clear concept on how to use dog thinning shears
  • Then lastly give a final brush over your dog’s face with the help of your slicker brush. It’s going to make your dog too much adorable.
Conclusive Tips

Finally, I’ve some tips for you. Before grooming, you need to take your dog out to have a playtime which is going to make him relaxed. Then, you need to make your dog used to with the noise of your clippers so that he doesn’t become anxious or you can go with using noiseless dog clipper.

Give treats to your dog when he does according to you. But don’t give him treats while grooming as it may lead to accidents. Another important fact is that you should never put the scissors straight before your dog’s eye because he may get scared. So, these were all about How to cut dogs face hair? Following these tips while grooming I think would help you much.