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How To Give A Dog A Bath In The Bathtub?

Are you thinking of your fur baby who is too energetic and thinking of How to give a dog a bath in the bathtub? Well, it’s common for most dog owners. There are a lot of dogs who literally fear coming in contact with water. But on the other hand, some categories of dogs love rolling over the mud and puddles. But after a fun time play, it’s no more possible to keep your dog inside unless he takes a bath.
Here’s an issue some dogs scare having baths outdoors. So, it’s better to continue the bathing session indoors. In such circumstances, you of course can’t forget to use the best stainless steel bathtubs for dogs. Well, before you start bathing your fur you must keep all the necessary things to hand. And if you are new to this job, you can have a look at How to give a dog a bath who hates bathtubs.

How often Should You Wash Your Dog?

The most recommended suggestion is to give your dog a bath at least once per month. But this recommendation isn’t applicable to dogs of all types. Because dogs belonging to some coats require frequent baths and some on the other hand can deal with a bath after three months. It’s maybe common for some dog breeds to require bathing once every week. So, it’s better to talk to your vet for getting the clearance on how often you should bathe your baby.

Prepare A Bath Tub

A bathtub is indeed the initial thing you need before you go through how to give a dog a bath who hates bathtubs. Usually, there is a lot of variation among different types of bathtubs available out there. The regular ones may easily get slippery resulting in inconvenience to your dog. Well, you can also add a rubber mat or towel to the tub to deal with this issue. However, it is confirmed that the stainless steel tubs won’t embarrass you instead it provides a long term powerful backup. Now add water to the tub that must be around 3 to 4 inches. Remember that the water should be of lukewarm temperature.

Keep Them Comfortable In The Bath Tub

Many dogs don’t like bathtubs and thus cause great havoc all around. So, It’s your duty to make them feel comfortable while in the bathtubs. Of course, you can provide them with bathing toys and ‘bribes’. Keeping toys in the bathtub encourages your dog to enjoy the bathing session. You can also apply other techniques to bathe a dog who hates bathing by dipping some treats inside the tub so that he inserts the tub to get that and your bathing task gets easier. Moreover, you can also apply peanut butter to a lick mat set at  the walls of the bathtubs so that he remains busy licking them and you can give him a perfect rinse. Moreover, you can’t also forget that you need to use the most appreciable words for your baby.

Keep Dogs Ears Dry When Bathing

The entrance of water to your dog’s hair isn’t that safe. It may be hazardous to your dog’s delicate ear structures. So, you can keep some cloth stuffing or cotton stocks to your dog’s ear which may resist the water during bath time to enter his ears. But remain sincere that the cotton stuffing doesn’t get harsh to your fur baby’s ear. If he shows like rejecting your decision of inserting cloth stuffing, you can instead try it again by offering some treat as well.

Don’t Forget To Prepare Dog Bathing Tools

It is one of the most important steps of How to give a dog a bath in the bathtub. The condition of taking your dog to bathe is to make it very fast. But if the necessary items aren’t available in your hand, it would be difficult for you to make it early. Ensure that you have the following items with you before starting to bathe:

  • Place the best stainless steel bathtub at a comfortable place
  • Make the water lukewarm comfortable
  • Place a rubber mat or towel at the bottom of the bathing tub
  • To make the bath time playful and enjoyable, you can also consider the presence of some dog bath playing toys
  • Don’t forget to protect your dog’s ear from water using dog ear protectors
  • Use the best dog shampoo and conditioner according to your dog’s coat and try to make it fast by voiding areas around the face and eyes
  • Likewise, you can also add dog conditioners besides only the shampoos
  • You may also add toothpaste and toothbrush if you want to combine the bathing session with brushing

Superior Tips To Give A Dog A Bath In The Bathtub

Mostly, dog owners own very stubborn and energetic dogs who hate bathing in all ways. Well, there may not be only a few reasons behind this mischievous behavior. Having a look at how to bathe a dog who hates bath may contribute a lot to you for reaching to the root of this issue. But some primary tips for the new owners would be like:

  • Use the best scented shampoo and condition and if necessary dry shampoo as well
  • Check if your dog is either at any skin irritation issue or not.
  • Feed your dog healthy
  • Make him familiar with the bathing spot
  • Form the habit of playing with your dog along with water sprinkles.
How To Dry A Dog After Having Bath?

Drying means the evaporation of the molecules of a liquid and when it comes to our most familiar four-legged companion, we never take the chance of getting them caught with fever or cold symptoms. Drying up after a bath is a must-to-do task after a fun time bath. Because dogs can easily get sick with the water droplets lying on their body if not dried up early. For making this task to be conducted more efficiently and quickly, many experts suggest the use of the best high-velocity dryers for dogs. But it’s not the only option for you; rather you may go with a quality-enhanced drying-up towel as well.

Wrapping To A Happy Ending

If everything is done properly, the end should certainly be gorgeous. It’s common for your dog to reject bathing on regular basis. Instead of being rude to your dog, you can make this journey interesting by making your dog being used to with bathtub and the procedure How to give a dog a bath in the bathtub.