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Having clippers hot is a very common incident that an owner usually faces in his entire grooming experience. No matter how expensive clippers you purchase, this heating of metal clippers even to a small extent is a very natural phenomenon. In case if you use a ceramic clipper, that won’t get hot so fast and will remain sharper for long. But the problem is that the ceramic clippers get broken very easily.
The modern clippers usually come with dual and comparatively high speeds and thus there’s huge heat production. So, if you have dual speeds in your clipper, you should always start with a lower speed.

Why Do My Dog Clippers Get So Hot?

The simplest way to keep the clippers cooled and sharp over a long span is by regular oiling. While clippers work, the speed gets higher with gradually increasing time. This increasing speed inside the machine causes friction and ultimately, rises in temperature. However, if a sufficient amount of oil is applied to the clippers after every use, this rise of heat would be comparatively less.

Best Dog Clippers That Don't Get Hot

There are a few clippers available in our today’s market which doesn’t get too heated at a time. One thing we must agree on is, whatever clipper you are using, getting heated is very common. But, the Best dog clippers like the Andis Ultra Edge, Wahl Bravura, and Oster A5 don’t get too much heat over a long time run. But, if you regularly follow the oiling procedure in your clippers, they might work substitute to the best ones as well.

How To Keep Clippers From Getting Hot?

The following steps below would act as a guideline to keep clippers from getting hot.

  • Oiling the clipping machine on a regular basis, after use, after applying clipper coolant, and before storage.
  • You need to make your dog’s coat totally free from knots so that there will be no more extra struggle for the clipper to go through
  • The dog clipper speed should also be considered, the dual speed clippers should be used initially with a lower speed and thus you can prevent friction and heat inside the machine.
  • You also need to recheck your blades after every 5 to 15 minutes while you’re working with it. And it should be immediately be removed when it’s too hot for your fingers to touch
  • During a grooming session, you should keep at least two blades with you. When the first one somehow gets heated, you should apply coolant to it and work with the second one till the first one is completely cooled.
  • Try using clippers with a brushless motor as they stay cooler comparatively cooler than the brushed rotatory ones.
  • You should avoid the 5 in 1 blade cooling products. Instead, the Andis cool care lubricant works better in cooling the blades.
  • Before using the clippers, it’s always better to thin the coat from those entire dead coats, and thus, you are ready for a long run.

Wrapping It Up

The heating of blades is a very common incident nowadays. The modern clippers come at a speed of 400spm or more. You need to keep in mind that the more the clipper’s speed will be, it will be more prone to gain heat within a short time. So, when you are looking for a new pair of them, you should look for those coming at a low speed. And the clippers with 5 speeds are also great. Whatever clippers you purchase, regular oiling is a precondition to it.