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Almost all dog owners face the problems of bad odor from their fur baby. As much humans love to stay clean and fresh that much the dogs also love getting rolled over mud and dirt. And so it becomes really very tough for the owners to prevent their babies from dirt and debris. Well, of course, there are some initial tips to make the sweet smell after bathing turned to be durable. Moreover, many dog owners are scratching their heads to reach how to keep dog smelling good between Baths. It’s so important for your dog’s hygiene to keep him totally protected from any kind of germs and other dirt. Well, dogs can’t be given a bath every day rather the bathing session should be continued on a regular basis.

Why My Dog Still Stinks After Having A Bath As Well?

Yes, this one is another most frequent question asked by the dog parents. The smell usually occurs due to different types of microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, and fungi that get inside your dog’s fur when he plays around muds and the garden. Well, you may try out the best products like deodorizing shampoos and conditioners which would hopefully provide you the most desiring results. But there are still some steps to be followed to make your dog stay away from stinking.

How To Keep Dogs Smell Good Within Two Baths?

Between baths sessions there’s a huge time interval and thus many dogs get smelly and stinky within these bath sessions. These few steps are mentioned below to get your pup with fragrance all between bathing sessions:

Top 8 Steps On How To Keep Dog Smelling Good Between Baths

1. Having Bath-Times On A Regular Basis

Firstly you need to ensure what type of coat your dog has. Once or twice each month is ok which is recommended by the vets and groomers but not everyday bathing is good for your dog because it removes different types of essential oils from your dog’s body. Of course, having quality time while bathing sessions using the best dog deodorizing shampoos and conditioners would work well to keep your dog fresh till the next grooming session. Well, one important thing that you need to be concerned about is that the pH level of dogs and humans aren’t the same; so never make the mistake of using any harsh chemical on your baby. However, quality baby shampoos would work well somehow.

2. Brushing Well Regularly

Generally, all types of dirt, debris, and stinks stay stuck with the loose hair and if you can remove that hair by regular brush you’d get some relief from the bad odor. It will only take you 5 minutes to accomplish this task. Brushing with the best slicker brush not only reduces shedding but also gives a clean, healthy coat and deodorizes as well. Moreover, if your dog has allergies, brushing also contributes to getting rid of this tragedy also. It’s an easy way to get rid of dirt stuck within the hairs.

3. Cleaning Your Dog’s Bed On A Regular Interval

The bed is another major part to keep the dogs away from dirt and odor. Suppose if your dog is clean and fresh after bath time but his bed is still unclean, dirty, and smelly and therefore there’ll remain no importance of that thorough bath. So to not allow that odor to get retransferred to his furry body, you should ensure the regular cleanup of his bed, cushions, and all other stuff. It is to be noted that a dirty and smelly bed may give rise to different types of bacteria and fungi and ultimately result in a dog sensitive skin.

4. Using The Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Your Fur Baby

The best shampoos usually come in two different types; among them, one type of shampoo is non-rinse i.e. there remains no more importance of using water. Another one is the regular shampoo but with an appreciated quality. These are generally used during the bathing sessions and require the contact of water. You may find a huge variety among the top dog shampoos that groomers use. Moreover, shampoos specially designed for any specific breed or designed only for pups are also available out there. The choice of the best shampoo actually depends on your requirement. Whatever shampoo you are using, ensure that it’s safe from all chemicals and doesn’t remove essential oils. But be careful of the eyes so that the shampoo doesn’t enter there. 

5. Using The Best No-Rinse Dog Shampoo

Within two bathing sessions, your dog may get engaged with different sorts of dirt and debris which really stink. To get rid of these odors you may go with using the no-rinse dog shampoo; it’s the best option to make your dog smell fresh without giving them a bath every day. It’s the bathless formula that requires no water and you can and this shampoo to your dog anywhere at any time. It thoroughly cleans your dog’s skin and gives him instant freshness and fragrance.

6. Maintaining A Proper Dog Oral Care

Brushing in a regular interval of time plays a major role in keeping your dog fragranced. Teeth and mouth are another important part of keeping your dog good smelling. Because even if you keep your dog clean and fresh; no one would like company from a baby with mouth odor. Bad breath also sometimes results in health issues and other problems like the formation of tartar and plaque. Well, dental chew bones also play a significant role in keeping the mouth fresh as they not only provide a fragrance but also make the teeth stronger. Instead of any kind of dental chews, the Best Dog Toothpaste with Enzymes work great and alternative to those.

7. Looking Towards A Perfect Diet Of A Regular Basis

Not only in humans but sometimes dogs also face the same type of problem that irregular meals and diet resulting in gastrointestinal issues and a mouthful of odor. If your dog feels nice from inside, he alone is enough to combat against any external problem. A natural diet also keeps the tummy safe and healthy. Using the best dog food for Sensitive Stomachs or natural stuff like fruits and vegetables can contribute a lot to get rid of the odor and other stinky smells.
Besides these natural balanced diets, Probiotics also miraculously work to rid of sensitive stomachs and help to promote a better digestive system and health.

8. Using The Best Dog Wipes As Alternative

Instead of dry shampoos, one can also use the best dog wipes which give your dog a new fresh touch of being bathed. Whenever you’re spending quality time with your baby, you can immediately use the pet wipes if you feel the necessity or if you find your baby dirty due to being playing and roaming all around. This solution also provides instant freshness and fragrance. If you don’t allow your dog to get engaged with any dirt at all times, he surely won’t smell that bad.

Dogs are usually so stubborn. All types of waste that irritates human choice become the chief attraction for them. But nevertheless, it’s your sole responsibility to keep your dog clean and fresh always. Hopefully, the summary of all the mentioned steps would work for all.

Conclusive Summary

Here we’ve mentioned 8 top rated methods which would surely give a confident result from that stubborn stinks from your fur baby. The new dog owners always have their queries on How To Keep Dog Smelling Good Between Baths?. Having stinking dogs is one of the most regular incidents, there’s nothing unusual and to worry about. Well, the odors can be caused due to thousands of reasons. But these 8 methods ACTUALLY work that most vets recommend. We’d like you to have these steps followed and own a fresh and clean dog.