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Do you know How to Remove Dog Hairs from Car Seats? If you have an energetic and active fur baby at home, you might face the most critical issues while taking them outing in the car. The majority of dogs usually have the problems of shedding and as a result, you’ll find tons of hair lying stuck inside your car. Those hairs are indeed a great struggle to get them out. Well, this problem isn’t so visible among the hairless dog breeds. But those with a furry buddy leave traces all over the interior part of your car. There are some alternative ways to clear this fur instead of using any vacuum cleaner.

If you want to make the work easier, you may use a vacuum cleaner which will make your work even faster. Well, in this regard, you need purchase the best vacuum to pick up dog hair from car seats. But vacuum cleaners aren’t the only way to pull these hairs out, instead of any vacuum cleaner; you may also use Velcro curlers, fabric softener, duct tape, etc.

How To Reduce Shedding In Dogs?

The best method is to use the best deshedder for dogs so that there remains dog loose hair fewer in amount. Moreover, other tools and products are also available which will contribute a lot in de-shedding and reducing shedding in your dog.

How To Remove Dog Hairs From Car Seats?

There are lots of varieties in the methods through which one can remove dog hair from car seats. Well, the situation may become easier for you if you’ve already fitted the best leather seating for dogs inside your car but first of all, you’ll require the tools. All of the below-indicated methods would be mentioned using each product. The vacuum cleaner is a must in this regard you’ll surely require while cleaning those stuck furs inside the car. Using a vacuum cleaner is the most recommended procedure which is safe as well as the best result providing.

Tools Alternative To A Vacuum Cleaner For Removing Hair From Car Seats

Some of the tools which may make your work easier in regard to cleaning car seats are as follows:

  • Vacuum Cleaner - Recommended by vets and most dog owners
  • Lint Roller Method of Cleaning Hair From Seat
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Pumice Stone Hair Cleaning Method
  • Car Air Compressors Method
  • Squeegee Hair Removing Technique
  • Duct Tape Hair Removing Method
  • 2-Ply Paper Towels Tissue Method
  • Velcro Hair Curler Dog Hair Removing Method
  • Bristle Brush Hair Removing Technique
  • Pet Hair Lifter-Sponge Method
  • Rubber Brush Hair Cleaning Method
  • Water Spray Can
  • Balloon Hair Removing Method

Though there might be other tools available as well in order to remove hair. But these above mentioned 14 tools are those stuff which is usually available at home and reasonable in price. In case if you have your vacuum cleaner suddenly damaged, you can use these tools to clean up the hair easily.

Methods For Removing Dog Hair From Car Seat

There are a few methods of cleaning your dog’s fur from car seats. These methods are described below with some brief description:

1. Vacuum Cleaner Method Of Hair Cleaning

Using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning dog hair within the car seat is the easiest and recommended method. But first of all, you’d require the best vacuum cleaner which is best for this task. Vacuum cleaners like Shark APEX duoclean works great in this regard. But the handheld vacuums are also great for this task.

Some steps for cleaning with a vacuum cleaner are as follows:

  • Firstly, turn on the switch of the vacuum cleaner
  • If a plug isn’t handy to you, you may proceed with handhelds as well
  • Drag the stuck hairs upwards from the carpet by using the lifting motion
  • For thoroughly cleaning, use a bristled vacuum attachment and work with it

Using a vacuum cleaner is the top choice of the vets and most dog owners. But the cheap vacuum cleaners may sometimes ruin your seat as well. You should remember never to scratch the carpet with the vacuum head which may result in damage to both the vacuum cleaner and seat carpet too.

2. Lint Roller Method of Cleaning Hair From Seat

Lint rollers are another finest product alternating with a vacuum cleaner. This product is specially designed for removing pet hair. This tool already has a special chamber for keeping the dog hair collected together. The best lint rollers especially don’t require any excessive adhesive or other sticky tapes which are also available at a very reasonable price. The best product also doesn’t require any battery or power source as well.

Some steps to be followed during using the best lint roller are:

  • Roll over the entire area where the dog hair is stuck in order to get all those hairs collected in the chamber
  • Open the chamber to clean all the hair collected inside
  • Store and keep preserved for next time reuse

Lint rollers are much gentle to car seats. In case if you are using the adhesive lint roller, then you’ll see all the hair stuck with the adhesive or sticky tape. But the best lint roller can be used to clean pet hair from cars, carpets, couches, beds, sofas, etc.

3. Rubber Gloves

Vacuum cleaner and lint rollers actually work well for cleaning large areas where dog hair may easily get stuck. But the best rubber gloves work great if you want a thoroughly cleaner seat. Specially designed gloves for cleaning dog hair are also separately available. But the regular or qualified rubber gloves also work equivalently. These gloves can also be used while kitchen works, cutting veggies, cleaning the home, and so on. Moreover, it also acts as the best barrier in order to save you from germs and viruses.

One must ensure the following steps in order to clean the seat using rubber gloves:

  • Get some fabric softener or detergent in a budget
  • Add some water to it and mix that solvent and solute perfectly
  • Pour some water into a water spray can and start spraying over the seat
  • When you’ll rub around the seat with rubber gloves, water will react to rubber and produce electricity and as a result, the rubber gloves can stick all the loose hair to it

This was a way to get static energy with rubber gloves. You can also accomplish this task in another way. All you have to do is to wet the gloves with a little amount of water and rub across the seat where the loose hairs are stuck. After some minutes, you’ll notice all the loose hair clinging towards the rubber gloves.

4. Pumice Stone Hair Cleaning Method

Pumice stone is usually available at every home. You can use this stone not only to fix irritated foot but also you can use it for removing your dog’s hair from the car seat. It’s quite easier to use in comparison to the above-mentioned tools. You just have to gently rub the seat carpet so that all hair slightly gets stuck with it. It also works as an alternative to rubber gloves i.e. you can use it to clean stuck hair thoroughly over all the gaps. After you’re done collecting all the hair from ins and outs of your car seat carpet, you can dip the stone in a water bucket to clean it down. Yes, and you should of course prefer the best pumice stone for both fixing feet as well as removing dog hairs from the seat. But it is to be noted that this method shouldn’t be applied over delicate seats which may have the risks of being damaged.

5. Car Air Compressors Method

The car air compressor method is kind of opposite to the vacuum cleaner method. The vacuum cleaner method uses the sucking method whereas air compressors use the blowing method. However, it’s for sure that the best car air compressors would never let you complain. The best product would blow out even the stubborn stuck dog hair as well. So you’ll have to point the car air compressor towards the car seat carpet. Now, you’ll have to press the trigger to let the air compressor get started. After you’re done, just slightly turn off the car air compressor. If the air compressor couldn’t bring you the finest results, use the rubber glove method to get rid of every single dog hair.

6. Squeegee Hair Removing Technique

This method is also quite easier than the above-mentioned ones. A squeegee is usually available at every home for cleaning tiles, glasses, and so on. But did you know that the best squeegee can also support you in cleaning dog hair from the car seat. Its use in hair cleaning in the car is even easier than you thought. Like the other ones, you’d require a water spray that can disperse water all around the car seat carpet. Then you’ll have to drag the squeegee across the seat the same way you rub across glasses or tiles. The impressive results would be just before you.

7. Duct Tape Hair Removing Method

Duct tape acts quite similar to rubber gloves but without the help of static energy. Among all of the mentioned methods for removing hair from the car seats, it is one of the most reasonable methods. It’s easier than all other methods as well. The best duct tape would bring about the best results for you. You’ll have to wrap your fingers and hand in such a way so that the side with adhesive remains outside. Now justly simply tap on the seat carpet. And you’ll see all those stubborn hairs are stuck with that tape. This method would help you to get rid of hairs even from the toughest corner where your hands can reach.

8. Paper Towels Tissue Method

Many people most of the time purchase the best tissue towels and keep them in their car which they so rarely use. If you are also one of them, this method is absolutely for you. You’ll just require rubbing the tissue roll across the seat. But this method is not applicable for fabric seats or floor carpets. After you’re done cleaning, you can just easily wrap it and let the tissue get disposed of itself.

9. Velcro Hair Curler Dog Hair Removing Method

Yes, it’s true you can clean dog hair with Velcro hair curler as well. Cool, right? But purchasing the best Velcro hair curler would help you to remove dog hair from the car too. But the cheap ones may destroy your car seat also. The larger the size of the Velcro curler will be, the faster you’ll be able to clean the hair from the seat. The same way that these curlers trap women’s hair, they would collect the dog hair too. These Velcro traps the hair so that the curlers stay in place. And so, these curlers may work for removing hair also. You’ll just have to roll all around the seat surface to get all those hairs collected.

10. Bristle Brush Hair Removing Technique

The use of a bristle brush is another well-known method in order to remove dog or cat hair from the car seat. This tool is specially designed for removing pet hair. And also the best bristle brush requires you to do the least labor as the best tools can work themselves for the owner’s convenience. Bristle brush works just like the lint roller but a bit safer. You’ll have to use the tool the same way you use the lint roller.

11. Pet Hair Lifter-Sponge Method

Like the bristle brush, this hair lifter sponge is also designed for removing hair from car seats. The best hair lifter sponge would work the most effectively in this regard. Well, the sponge needs to be slightly a bit damp. It’s also easier to use this tool to clean dog hair from your car. The damp sponge would attract all the loose hair towards it and thus, your work is done. If you’re not satisfied with its result, you may go with the other methods and techniques as well.

12. Rubber Brush Hair Cleaning Method

Using the best rubber brush for removing dog hair from car seat carpet is one of the most renowned methods for removing hair. This method is followed by almost most of the dog owners. The brushes with rubber bristles would help a lot to remove hair from all over the seat. You’d just require rubbing or brushing all across the seat carpet. Owners clarify that these brushes work parallel to vacuum cleaner in removing hair from that seat.

13. Water Spray Can

A water spray itself can’t remove hair from a car seat but it works as support with a lint roller and other such products. It may help you to work with a sponge, squeegee, and other tools as well. But we’ve listed this item to attain the highest concern of the new dog owners.

14. Balloon Hair Removing Method

This balloon method works with static energy. This may not bring such expected results but it still works great. It’s easier to use in comparison to the other stuff. You’ll have to blow the balloon in a reasonable and convenient amount. Now just lightly rub the balloon which will give rise to static energy to the balloon’s outer surface. As a result, you’ll get all those loose hair stuck to the balloon’s outer surface.

These were the list of the top 14 product which are usually available at home. The best vacuum cleaner is the top recommendation of all the vets, experts, and owners. You may use all these products especially during danger when your vacuum cleaner has suddenly damaged. All these 13 products except vacuum cleaner would act as an alternative to it.

Preventive Steps For Fewer Struggles

Followings are some preventing tools to refrain from spending hours behind those stubborn loose hairs. 

  • Use the best de-shedding dog brush to refrain your dog from shedding and you’ll no more require cleaning.
  • Use the Shed Defender body Jumpsuit, best towel or blanket so that the hair remains stuck only to the blanket, not the seat carpet.
  • You can also use the best dog crate or travel carrier so that your dog remains inside the crate and there remains no risk of lying hair all over the seat carpet.
  • The best pet seat cover would also work great in protecting your car seat carpet from getting full of loose hair all around.
Final Words For Conclusion

These were the 14 products with a brief description of how to use those when your vacuum cleaner has suddenly damaged. If you are a new dog owner I’d like to highly recommend you to look through the entire content to get a brief description of How To Remove Dog Hairs From Car Seats. If dog hair doesn’t stick to your car seat, you won’t need to clean those anymore. If you take your dog in a dog carrier seat, you won’t have to spend time rubbing all through your seat.

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