How To Stop Dogs Toenails From Bleeding?

How To Stop Dogs Toenails From Bleeding Now

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How To Stop Dogs Toenails From Bleeding is one of the most asked questions of the new dog owners. While dog home grooming, accidents tend to be natural. Usually, dogs need their nails to be clipped every 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes, dogs' nails grow up too much that they get curved and narrowed at the edges which may result in toe accidents, damage to wood floors, damage to cars and sofas, and so on. Again, it may affect your dog’s proper walking as well. So, clipping nails on a regular basis is a must in the case of your dog.

Types of Toe Accidents In Dogs

Accidents are most common among dogs. Well, mainly two types of accidents may take place in dog toes and they are - 

  • Nail Fracture Accidents
  • Nail Clipping Accidents

The first accident may require you to visit your vet but the second one isn’t as severe as the first one. But the second one requires instant cure; one may give natural cure as well as medication cure. But instant resistance to bleeding flow is a must; otherwise, it may result in critical issues like infections and heavy bleeding as well. Some people use styptic powder whereas others use some home ingredients like flour, baking soda, or cornstarch. However, using the best nail grinder won’t be so risky.

What Can I Provide My Canine To Soothe Him Down To Cut His Nails?

If your dog gets nervous while grooming or he is the first time to be groomed at home, he may get anxious. Well, in that case, you surely need to know how to restrain a dog while grooming. But in the case where you’ve cut your dog’s quick blood vessels, you need to instantly calm him down. Seeing blood from the toenail, he may get anxious and nervous but you need to calm him if you want to give him the proper treatment. Some of the tips to be mentioned are as follows:

  • Firstly, you yourself need to be calmed down because if you get scared, your dog may get even more scared.
  • A gentle touch to the affected area can also help much but remember that calm dogs are also prone to bite when injured.
  • Restrain him by giving him a hug so that he feels secured and safe.
  • Apply styptic powder or home remedies as a cure but only in a gentle hand
  • By wrapping his foot with gauge, boots or bandages may also provide some sort of patience to him.
  • Allow your dog to relax some moment after cure so that he feels to be safe then

How To Avoid Nail Clipping Injuries?

Well, first you need to ensure that you are using the best clipper according to you. If you are a new dog owner, we recommend you to have a look at the best dog nail clippers with LED light as seen on TV because LED light makes it easier to cut your dog’s nails. The ‘quick’ part of your dog’s nails is a fleshy part consisted of blood circulation nerves. If those nerves get any sort of cut, there may be a huge blood flow. The clippers with LED light make the quick part visible in the case of dogs with white nails. This LED light method isn’t so effective on dogs having dark brown or black nails. So, when you are to clip your dog’s nail, always look for the best clipper with nail protectant. Whenever there a black dot will be visible in the middle of your dog’s nail, just STOP clipping anymore. 

Instant And Best Solution To Bleeding Toenails - Styptic Powder

Styptic powders are the best choice for vets when it comes to resistance to bleeding. This powder may give you an instant result. It’s mainly an antihemorrhagic agent that helps stop bleeding by blood vessel contraction. Styptic Powders also contain benzocaine which provides relief from pain and Ferric Subsulphate which plays the main role in stopping blood oozes. But be cautious not to pressurize the affected area till it gets completely dry.

How to Apply Styptic Powder to Dog’s Paw Step By Step?

There are some tips on how you can apply styptic powder to your dog’s affected nail quickly. These are mentioned as follows:

  • Take out only a pea-sized amount of styptic powder
  • Opening the container just directly apply the styptic powder to the affected area.
  • Or, apply some amount of styptic powder to your palm, and gently apply to the affected place.

But instead of styptic powder, you can also use styptic pencils which play a similar role in stopping oozes of blood. But in the case of styptic pencils, be cautious of silver nitrate which may place spots at your home.

How To Apply Styptic Pencil?

As we mentioned above, a styptic pencil works quite similar to that of styptic powder. But many expert dog groomers and vets recommend not using this product because its silver nitrate may just ruin your house. But you can still use it for extremely minor cuts. Some steps to be mentioned using this styptic pencil are as follows:

  • Moisten the tip of a styptic pencil or dip its tip in clean water
  • Then use the pencil to rotate and drag around the infected area
  • The bleeding should stop after some time but if it doesn’t stop, consult your vet. But remember it will stain our entire home. Nevertheless, it also coagulates and helps to stop blood from oozing

Home Remedy To Stop Bleeding - In Absence Of Styptic Powder

Sometimes, the new dog parents aren’t concerned about the remedy to nail injuries. As a result, they have not the instant styptic powder at home. In this regard, one can use natural home remedies as well. You may use flour, cornstarch, or baking soda as an alternative. One may also use a bar of soap but it may take a long procedure. You’d need to take some amount of fragrance-free to moisten anti-bacterial soap and gently drag your dog’s nail across that soap bar.

Brief Description on the Top 3 Home Remedies Alternative to Styptic Powder

Ice: Applying ice in a perfect proportion to the affected area may provide quite a relief to your baby from the pain. Coldness tends to contract blood vessels; so, if ice cubes are attached to your baby’s toenail, it will not only provide relief but also will lessen and slow down the bleeding.

Soap Bar: Pour some water on a hygienic clean soap bar so that the soap surface gets moisturized. Then slightly take the infected toenail and gently rub across the bar soap slowly. 3 to 4 times rubbing would be enough to stop the bleeding of minor cuts.

Cornstarch or Baking Soda: In case if you are using flour, cornstarch, or baking soda, you need to ensure some steps to be followed which are mentioned below:

  • Take some amount of baking soda, cornstarch, or flour to your palm
  • Dip your dog’s infected nails into the starch, flour, or soda
  • If one dip isn’t enough to stop bleeding, dip for the second or multiple times. But don’t clean the dry ingredients until the bleeding totally stops
  • Try avoiding excess pressure on the affected spot
  • After bleeding totally stops, use a soft and clean towel or cloth to wipe it off

After you are done with stopping the bleeding of your dog, try to provide him rest for some moment. Again if your dog’s bleeding doesn’t stop within 20 minutes or it turns into a major injury, instantly consult your vet.

Wrapping, boots, and bandages after cure

After you’ve applied your home remedy and it’s taking some time to work, apply some bandages over your dog’s paw. Wrapping is better than bandages because you have to do this not tightly, rather keeping it loose. And you need to wrap the entire paw not only the injured toe. This will help to prove your dog to be non-skid and will prevent your home from damaging. Not only that, but this wrapping will also help your dog feeling free while walking.

What To Do If Bleeding Doesn’t Stop After 20 Minutes

Usually, after the application of medicine in the infected area, it gets well within 20 or 30 minutes. But if it’s a major cut or it doesn’t stop bleeding especially in the case of a diabetic dog, you must wrap the paw lightly and take your pooch to visit your Vet. But 20 minutes is the standard time for clotting. Meanwhile, if your dog isn’t taken to the vet, there remains the risk of excess blood flow and other critical issues as well.

How to be safely prepared for the next time

You surely won’t like to repeat the same mistake every time. So, if you are a new parent, you should ensure the best grinder or clipper for your dog. If you are home grooming your dog’s toenail, be sincere where the quick area may be. The pink triangle clearly visible on white nails are quick which you should never hurt. In case if your dog has dark or black nails, it becomes difficult to differentiate the quick zone; in this regard, you should cut only 1 mm or 1/32” every time you clip your dog’s nail. And as a result, there remains no risk of being injured. Moreover, you should have a styptic powder as a must at your home next time. And if this powder isn’t available where you reside, at least you must keep the home remedies with you. This will lessen the risk of major injuries next time.


Other than these mentioned home remedies, we don’t recommend using other stuff. Before you put any other medicine on your dog’s toenail, consult your vet. After the injuries, don’t put pressure on your dog’s affected area. Follow the mentioned steps on How To Stop Dogs Toenails From Bleeding.