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Dog hairs between the paw pads are considered as their hair for protection but the excess growth of that hair may result in tragedy. But I personally think that all dog owners need to know how to trim dog hair between paws because, the short-coated dog breeds don’t require to go through this trimming, but if you have medium to the large coated dog, it’s a must for you to know. Now, you might be wondering about how to do it actually. Relax! I’ll be informing you about that in this piece of content.

What are dog paw hairs?

If you notice your dog’s paw, you’ll see some hair in between the paw pads which are used for their protection, and these are known as dog paw hair. Though they are too much necessary for them, still you need to trim them if you have a medium or a large dog. Those hairs are usual to be grown between your dog’s paw pads, nothing to worry about!

Why should I trim dog hair between paws?

Although these are protection hair, if you don’t trim them, they would grow too long as would catch debris and also other foreign objects as well. They may also catch slow, ice and insects also. Also, your dog hair between the paw pads may result in a slipping dog on wooden floors which may result in his hip displacement too. And ultimately your dog will try to cope with it by destroying it

How to trim dog hair between paws?

You need not worry about how to trim dog hair between paws because I’ll inform it soon so. There are two ways to trim your dog’s paw hair and that is – 

  • Sit Patiently in front
  • On the Grooming Table

Following these mentioned methods, you can easily trim dog hair between his paws. But before starting the trim you need to know the following tips:-

Sit Patiently in front Method

Using this mentioned method your wonders on how to trim dog hair between paws may come to an end. You need to follow the given methods in this regard -

  • Use the best dog grooming clippers for home use instead of the risky scissors
  • Call your dog to a certain place comfortable for him
  • Give him the commands ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ so that he becomes patient
  • Now give him a treat if he did abide by your command
  • Gently take one paw and lift it up in a convenient place for both of you
  • Use the prescribed clipper to go through this process safely
  • Try to trim the hair in a parallel way
  • You should keep at least half an inch of hair as remaining which acts as protection
  • Go on rewarding him treats when he abides by you but not during the trimming period
  • Complete the process by trimming the nails using the Best Painless Nail Grinder
On the Grooming Table Method

This method is for those owners who are new to grooming or their dog isn’t that young to go with the sit patiently in front method. It’s nothing but a part of your query on how to trim dog hair between paws. Shortly, I’m describing it in some points below -

  • Go with using clipper which is safe for your baby
  • You also need the best slicker brush in this regard
  • Now you would need to put your dog on the best dog grooming table for at home use
  • You also need to restrain him finely
  • Next is to clean his paws neatly and in a proper way
  • Using the clipper proceed on the way of trimming him gently
  • Go through their process until it’s done
  • Give him treats as a reward when the work is done
  • Repeat the trimming once a month
Final Instructions

Be assured that your dog is quite relaxed or tranquilized during his grooming inside the dog paws otherwise he may become anxious which might ultimately result in nothing but a disaster. That’s why I always prescribe a playtime before starting the trimming process.

So these were the answers to your query on how to trim dog hair between paws which I think would help to a great extent if you manually follow them. See! It’s not that difficult you thought!