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The tails are one of the most sensitive and important organs of dog body. So, these need to be trimmed otherwise it may result to hot spots, mats and other problems in your pup’s dog. The trimmings aren’t always easier to do. Well, you need enough knowledge on How to trim dog tail hair if you have a pretty wagging pup.

Why Should I Trim My Dog’s Tail?

The tails are the best place for being the prey of hot spots and other diseases. Mats are also common to have when it comes to the chances of dog tail. Who knows how much dirt there’ll be within your dog’s tails! These later on result to allergy and many other hazards as well. If you have enough idea on How to trim dog tail hair then it would be easier for you to handle his tails which are a must to trim them.

How To Trim Dog Tail Hair?

I know that you wouldn’t consider for any risk when it comes to your fur baby. But your fur baby won’t allow holding on his tails and letting you give a trim so easily, it needs practice which is indeed much fun-filled. As he’d not allow you to initially hold on his tail, so you need to restrain him on the best dog grooming table for at home use. First of all, you need to choose the tail cut which you want to apply to your dog. Let’s go with the most usual one.

Steps To Be Followed:

Step 1

Firstly, you need a good grip of your dog’s tail and choose the style of your dog’s tail cut which is suitable for him. This is the first step to be follower during the procedure of How to trim dog tail hair.

Step 2

Now, apply the best de-mat spray all over the dog tail so that there remains no mats after combing.

Step 3

Comb the entire tail smoothly so that there remains no mat with the help of the best dog grooming scissors. If still, there remain some dangerous mats which seem to be impossible to removed, then cut them off using your shears.

Step 4

Now select the tip of the tail as the first cutting position but the tail hair shouldn’t be cut too much so that it hampers his skin or make any other critical situations. 

Step 5

From the tip of the dog’s tail, grab the entire extra part of tail hair and slightly just twist the extra part. This makes it even easier to give a straight cut to the dog’s tail.

Step 6

Then cut the extra hair by using the best dog grooming clippers for home use that remains after the tail tip but you need to be cautious not to cut the tail hair too close to the tail tip. But be assured of using the safest shears.

Step 7

So as the tip hair is done, now trim the lower part of your dog’s tail hair according to your desired style mainly you need to shape that in a circular and nice way.

Step 8

At this situation, it comes the turn of the anus part which is a bit critical but not as much as you thought. Cool! Now take the dog tail upwards and try to keep the anus part safe. And also that would be great if you can have a clean over the potty areas too. This is the most important part in regard of How to trim dog tail hair.

Step 9

Now divide the entire hair in to two parts in a line on both sides of the dog tail. You need to follow the line combing method using the best grooming metal comb. 

Step 10

On the sides of the anus, there goes two or for perfect cuts on both sides and finally, you need to separate the dog tail hair and the anus by giving a big cut distance between the tail and the anus part. It allows the tails not to get blended with urine and other dirt.

Final Words

In simple words, these were the ten steps on How to trim dog tail hair with fewer struggles and a perfect cut! These ten tips were shortly explained with simple words for a brief understanding. Following these steps would be highly recommended from me. I hope that these would be convenient for you to follow.