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Are you wondering how to use a dog grooming table? Nothing to worry about, we are with you forever to help all the dog owners over the world. Before choosing any dog grooming table you need to ensure what type of grooming table your dog actually needs as the grooming tables come in a great variety.

Why Should I Use Grooming Table For Dog?

The importance of dog grooming table can’t be explained by words. If you have a wriggling dog, you must go on using the best dog grooming table for at home use. Some of the advantages of dog grooming table are described below:

  • It gives much comfort; when you are grooming any small breed like doodle, you surely would need to bend down to groom him properly and if he moves here and there, that would be a tragedy for you. But a grooming table would reduce your difficulty in a great extent. In this regard, you must use the non-slippery grooming table because the slippery one may later on result in your dog’s hip displacement.
  • Secondly best dog grooming table for at home use is the first and foremost element in case you want to know about how to use a dog grooming table. Safety is first, dog grooming tables like the hydraulic ones generally come with a non-slip surface which are usually risk free. You need to be cautious while you are buying this item because there’s a large variation among qualities. You should buy the one with non-slip surface otherwise you would be required to buy a non-slip mat for your baby later on. So, if you don’t have a grooming table, your pup’s safety can’t be ensured.
  • Many dogs often hesitate pulling and lifting them to the grooming location, the situation is worse for a heavy or panicked dog. But the hydraulic grooming tables and the electric grooming tables lower down and spread all around the floor. So, your dog with no hesitation can walk to the grooming table and get on it easily. No more struggles!

What Type of Grooming Table Should I Buy?

Yeah, that’s a good question which is another important part of how to use a dog grooming table. The dog grooming tables do have a great variety among them but all of them aren’t good enough for use. Well, I’m giving a short description on them for your betterment:

  • Hydraulic Grooming Table: These grooming tables are the most expensive ones but their benefits have no end. It is controlled by a pedal which moves via fluid pressure. But I’m sure that you’re going to get the result of each of your penny because this table is regarded as the best hydraulic grooming table for at home use. It’s an easily controllable table for use which can be adjusted only with the pedal and keeps the groomer relaxed. Most of the dog groomers in the world appreciate using it for its unparalleled quality.
  • Electric Grooming Table: This type of electric grooming table is usually connected to the electric connection by a switch or control. These are also a bit famous because of their quality to move upwards and downwards much alike the hydraulic ones.
  • Foldable Grooming Table: This type of grooming table is the least costly. But they are not generally recommended by the professional groomers because some of their varieties aren’t adjustable in their height so sometimes, it creates about harassment among the dog owners. While grooming dog, the legs are an important part that needs to be adjusted perfectly but in the foldable ones, the adjustability isn’t always available. But all of them aren’t bad; I’ll strongly recommend you using non slip Foldable, height adjustable grooming table which is affordable and also with a non-slip surface and quite good adjustability.
  • Trolley Grooming Table: This types of grooming table is usually adjustable according to the dog being groom and according to the benefit of the groomers. It’s a good choice for the mobile pet groomers because it is collapsible and with wheels when is also beneficial and makes it a popular choice. Again, it also prevents the backaches which usually may occur during a dog groom.

How To Use a Dog Grooming Table?

Before using the grooming table, the selection of grooming table is a must which I’ve mentioned above. Not only that, but you also need to know how to use a dog grooming loop. Because before trying out the grooming on your four legged companion you need to be ensured of every matter of dog grooming so that he doesn’t get anxious.

Secondly, you need to know how to sedate a dog at home for grooming because if your dog’s so excited for his first grooming, he might be moving here and there creating difficulties for you. So, tranquillize them by some of our tricks.

Now third thing’s that your dog grooming table must consist an arm to secure your dog. You need to secure the loop around your dog’s neck that shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If your dog’s too moving you must require a second loop which can be used to the hind legs of your wriggling pup.

Now you are done with fixing your dog on the grooming table, the rest grooming is your creativity.

Final words

For grooming a dog the best grooming table is a must because you can’t do the grooming keeping your dogs in your laps, it’s too risky. These were my suggestions as an experienced dog owner on how to use a grooming table. And I always hope that my writings would help you dog owners a bit.