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There may be thousands of questions in your mind about why my dog won't let me cut his nails what can I do. By a certain age, baby dogs learn to fear which makes them more prone to getting afraid of all the new stuff they look at around them. Overgrowing long nails are a great hazard for them. They aren’t used to with those too-long nails. These long nails not only make your baby look like a monster but also create heavy barriers in their regular style of walking. Moreover, sometimes these long nails also become the main reason for the damage to the wooden floor. And so in order to avoid such damage risks, one must surely ensure regular dog nail trimming. If your dog already has a bad experience with clippers, go with using the grinders. But all you need to do is to ensure a new ray of hope and safety for your dog. But before you start clipping your dog’s nails, you must assure some important tips.

Why Does My Dog Scare In Cutting Down His Nails?

There aren't a few reasons behind this sort of issue. Many pet lovers skip this step that is discovering out the thing that’s actually bothering your dog from cutting nails. There may be various reasons which may make your dog feel obnoxious and discomfort which makes him get scared of the clipper or grinder. Some reasons behind your dog getting scared of nail clipping are as followed:

  • Any previous experience of nail clipping was TERRIFYING
  • Not getting used to with touches of their feet
  • Having nail clipping for the first time
  • Maybe the clipper or the grinder isn’t of the best quality
  • Use of wrong or painful tools
  • Wrong type of restraining before clipping nails

Now, you’re done sorting out the most irritation to your dog while nail clipping, you can easily help him to get out of this problem. So, dog owners should never avoid finding out the reason behind your dog’s inconvenience.

My Dog Won't Let Me Cut His Nails What Can I Do?

After you know the reason behind your dog getting scared of clipping nails, you can easily get a plan of how to solve it. Say for example maybe your dog isn’t used to with the feet touch. So, you should calm him down first. Then, you’ll have to try to touch his shoulder. For getting him used to this touch, you can provide him Calming treats that will not only make him feel benefited but also it will work as a mood maker for him. Now slowly try to touch his feet very gently as like you adore him. Next thing is to touch his nails gently and slowly, I’m quite sure that he won’t get anxious this time. After he allows you to touch his nails, you should mildly tap his nails which will make him familiar with the clipper or grinder’s pressure.

How To Make My Dog Friendly With The Nail Clipping Tools?

There’s a great variety among the different types of dog nail trimming tools. But before you choose your type of dog nail clipper, you need to know about all the variations among them. Most probably, there are 3 common types of nail trimmers like-

  • Scissor Designed Nail Trimmer
  • Guillotine Designed Nail Trimmer
  • The Best Nail Grinder

Well, usually you’ll be able to discover both the best clipper and nail grinder, but if the nail trimmer isn’t comfortable enough, your dog would yell at you.

So, now if you’ve selected the best type of nail clipper for your dog, the next step is to introduce it to your baby. Take the nail trimmer roaming around your dog. You can at the same time provide him some treats so that he feels the trimmers to be something beneficial. Then, gently take the nail trimmer around his foot and gradually towards his nail, but keep on providing him treats. Now, apply that type of pressure which is usually provided by the trimmers. And this time if your dog has no objections, you are good enough to start.

What If My Dog Is Scared of The Grinder’s Sound?

If it’s for the first time, your dog will surely get anxious and scared of the sound that the grinders usually make. You’re taking something noisy to his nail and he’d surely be in great confusion of if it’s something dangerous or not. And as a result, he would try to get away from that tool. So, in order to avoid this situation, you can purchase the best nail grinder without the grinding noise or with a mild sound. Hopefully, your dog would allow you to take something with mild noise to him. Well, you’ve to just act like you are clipping his nails to give him an experience that isn’t as scary as he thinks.

But My Dog Is Too Energetic That He’s Unable To Sit Quietly

Yes, if you own a stubborn and energetic puppy, he won’t be ready to listen to you sitting silently. Especially for the too energetic babies, we’ve two solutions to make your dog silent. They are -

Swimming Method: In this method, you’ll have to take your fur baby to a swimming pool. Swimming is a great solution for babies who are too much active. This swimming doesn’t only make his energy drained down, but it also wets his nails which are very much convenient for a nail trimming session.

Playtime Method: This method is quite similar to the previous one. You’ll just have to allow your dog to play in the exercise playpen until he gets tired enough to sleep. This allows you to complete your task in a much easier way. And you can also add the bath session with it so that you can do all the grooming tasks together.

I’ve Cut My Dog’s Nail What To Do Now?

Accidents are common for everyone, and it’s also the same in the case of nails. Though you use the best nail clipper or grinder, although you know the exact rules of how to trim a dog’s nails, you still have the risk of accidents. The quick parts of the dogs having black nails are usually very difficult to figure out. The quick is the live flesh of blood nerves which have high risks of being cut. If the bleeding isn’t stopped in 20 or 30 minutes, there remains the chance of having a major nail issue. So, to avoid such situations, you much ensure the proper knowledge on How to Stop Dogs Toenails from Bleeding? Many new dog parents usually skip the solution of bleeding. But before you start your nail trimming session, you need to be cautious of the two most important things. They are-

  • Providing treats during grooming or nail trimming would be very much risky and accident-prone
  • Before nail cutting session, never forget to have a styptic powder or other home remedies with you
Top Tips On How To Trim Dog's Nails When They Hate It

The new owners more than often get scared about what to do for the first time during trimming when your baby actually hates. Here are some short tricks that especially the new owners with a stubborn baby may require:

  • Always try to be gentle to your dog using the most appreciative sounds
  • Don’t put up any kind of pressure or don’t blame your dog at all
  • Continue the session after having an interval after every 5 minutes
  • Make your dog quite friendly and renowned for the safe trimers
  • Make sure that both you and your baby are cheerful and confident enough
Conclusive Words

Hopefully, after you’ve gone through this content you might have fewer questions on ‘My dog won't let me cut his nails what can I do’ now. But to saw in a few words, you’ll have to figure out why your dog is too scared of it. Then, you’ll have to introduce the nail trimmer like a friendly toy. And thirdly, to maintain the highest safety, you’ve to go through the nail trimming session. But you need to remember one important thing i.e. if you’ve accidentally cut your dog’s quick part, you shouldn’t be nervous at all. Otherwise, your dog will break down too. All you need is to show some courage to your fur baby.