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What age should a puppy be groomed? - are you also thinking of the same topic? Yes, this query is topping the list of the new dog owners’ question list. In short, a pup should be groomed within 12 to 16 weeks; but not more than that. Many dog owners make the very common mistake of waiting up to 6 months. Well, the best time to take your pup to the groomer is 12 weeks to 16 weeks. But before taking your dog to the groomer for the first time, you need to ensure some initial steps.

Enunciation of What Age Should A Puppy Be Groomed?

We’ve already answered that the ideal time for taking your pooch to the groomer is 12 weeks. But you should never wait until your pup reaches the age mark of 6 months; because at 6 months, the pup starts adopting aggression and fear. On the other hand, the pups at an early age are much easier to train. At 12 to 16 weeks, your baby doesn’t know to fear and as a result, it would be easier for the groomers to establish a warm connection with him. Moreover, if your pup doesn’t seem enough matured till 12 weeks, you may wait for the first session of grooming postponed to 16 weeks of age.

Pre Steps Before Going For The First Grooming Session

Before you take your dog to the groomer, you must need to ensure some basic steps. Firstly, you need to discover out the best groomer that your pup deserves. Then you need to sort out what type of coat your dog actually processes. And then accordingly, you need to home train your pup and get him connected to a close relation with the grooming tools. You should practice brushing his hair, touching the nails, getting him recognized with a bathing tub, water, and so on.

Tips for Searching the Best Groomer

If you are being a pup owner for the first time, it would be some sort of difficulty to reach the best groomer for your pup. But there’s nothing to worry about, you can follow these mentioned tips to reach the best groomer for your baby -

  • Look for the best facilities for the new pup owners
  • Check if the grooming spot to the groomer is clean enough
  • Enough lights should be ensured for full concentration
  • The groomer and the other people over there should be sympathetic and friendly
  • Separated zones for grooming dogs and cats should be ensured.
  • Use of heating grooming tools should be as few as possible
  • The groomer should use healthy and all-natural ingredient based products while grooming
  • Observe if the groomer follows proper hygiene or not
  • Groomer should use tools of mild vibration and low noise

Initial Grooming Requirements For Short-Coated Dogs

Short coated fur babies require comparatively less grooming. You may get them a grooming session or trim 4 or 5 times per year. But while at home, you must ensure weekly regular brushing. You may use the best de shedder for dogs  to get off the loose hair and use a bristle brush to clean up all the loose hair. They don’t require that much hair trimming, but nail trimming, bathing sessions, and the others should be done in a regular manner.

Initial Grooming Requirements For Dogs With Long And Silky Hair

As these babies have their hair grown up comparatively fast, they require hair trims every 4 to 8 weeks. They require nail trims on a regular basis. But their hair should be brushed daily in order to maintain the softness, shine, and silkiness of their long hair. Your groomer should be instructed to provide them a trim where the front hair is interfering in their vision. They should be bathed very often because excess bathing may damage the essential oil from their coat and skin. They should be given one or fewer baths per month. But to maintain their healthy fur, you must select the best tearless puppy shampoos that the groomers use.

Initial Grooming Requirements For Double Coated Dogs

Usually, the dogs with double coats don’t require that much grooming. It is better not to fully shave their outer coat which acts as a protection for their inner coat. But they can be given hair trims 4 times per year. But the other activities like nail clipping should continue on a usual basis. But they should be brushed regularly for getting a healthy coat.

Initial Grooming Requirements for Wiry and Curly Coated Dogs

Dogs with curly and wavy hair are the most prone to fancy haircuts. They usually require hair trims every 6 weeks. On the other hand, dogs belonging to wiry coats sometimes need to get a hair pluck in order to stabilize the health and perfectness of their coat. The wiry-coated dogs require baths every 2 to 3 weeks. Proper care of their nails and hair should be taken according to a regular basis.

Pre-Grooming Practices Before The First Session

What do we do before sending a baby to school? Of course, we give them some home learning. Similarly, before taking your fur baby for the first time to the groomer, you need to give him some home training. Now as you know at what age should a puppy be groomed, you must give him some home training according to his age. Some tips for home training your dog before visiting the groomer are:

  • You can gently touch paws, nails, and other important organs to give them the feel of being groomed
  • By dipping their toe in some water, you should make them familiar with a bathtub and water
  • You can also use a mild vibration blow dryer to make him familiar with the important dog grooming tools.
  • Don’t try to sedate him, rather try a table training
  • Leash attached to him should always be loose enough for ensuring comfort.
  • You may allow him to smell the dog shampoo and if he is pleased with it, you may use a non-rinse shampoo over him as well
How the First Grooming Session Should Be?

The first grooming session for your fur baby shouldn’t be too much elongated; rather it should be as short as possible. Of course, we can’t expect a 12 weeks baby to stand still for 1.5 hours or more. So the first grooming session should include fewer segments. The basics like bathing and drying up gently, trimming the nails and the fur from their vision, pads, and around the sanitary zone would be enough as the first experience to the groomer. It’s better not to sedate him during his first grooming session.

Healthy Grooming For a Healthy Pup

So now you know at what age should a puppy be groomed, and you and your pup should probably be ready before visiting the groomer. While the first grooming session, you should of course be beside him so that he doesn’t feel lonely or anxious. And if your dog is very energetic so that he can’t stand still, you may visit the groomer after a tiring playtime. Taking your pup to the groomer at the perfect age would be the best for ensuring a brave and healthy pup. You mustn’t make the first grooming delayed because it may cause great havoc on you. Regular healthy grooming with the all out best products would ensure a healthy puppy for you.