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It’s quite usual that you find a smelly and stinky dog beside you and when you don’t have a dog shampoo at home. Now we’ll be discussing what can I use to wash my dog if I don't have dog shampoo. It absolutely makes sense that you have your stinky dog while your shampoo for him has just run out. Well, it’s of course the best option to keep a set of extra commercial dog shampoo to hand so that you don’t need to look for something as an alternative. Still, home ingredients that are easily available like corn starch, baking soda, dawn dish soap liquid, etc.

Is It Ok To Wash Your Dog With Human Shampoo?

Absolutely No, The topmost reason for human shampoos being not acceptable for dogs is a different pH balance. Dogs’ skin is more alkaline in nature compared to that of humans. And as a result, the application of human shampoos on them may act as acidic and even it may cause skin issues and itches. The layer of the dog’s skin, the acid mantle is responsible for retrieving and restoring the evaporation and hydration. The pH balance of humans lies between 5.5 to 5.6 whereas, for dogs, this balance ranges from 6.2 up to 7.4. Now, you yourself are enough capable of realizing how acidic human shampoo for your fur baby is. But as the baby shampoos are made a bit delicate, they are lightly acceptable for one-time use only.

Topmost Substitute You Can Use To Wash Your Dog If You Don’t Have Dog Shampoo

Here our main discussion would be made revolving around two categories of ingredients acting proxy to regular dog shampoo, namely-

  • Commercial Substitutes To Dog Shampoo
  • Home Ingredients Substitute For Dog Shampoo

Commercial Substitutes To Dog Shampoo

The best waterless dog shampoos are indeed the first and foremost choice as the alternative to dog bath shampoo because they can make your work easier and get your dog cleaned within a few minutes. Moreover, they also leave the dog's coat with mild scents which usually last for a few days at least. And the second priority among the commercial alternative goes to wet wipes. Though wet wipes won’t give you that much convenient results as liquid shampoo or dry ones, they are the most usual things that owners have in their stock. And the third position goes to dog sprays.

1: Best Dry Dog Shampoo

Remain assured of the best dog dry shampoo that is doubtlessly pH balanced according to your Fido’s skin. The dry shampoos come in a diverse variety of their texture like foam, spray, or powder. Whatever the texture is, you are to be assured that they are safe from harsh chemicals. The dry sprays are also something that needed to be assorted earlier as it’s always said that prevention is better than cure. In the case of choosing the best dry shampoo, the procedure is fairly similar to that of selecting a regular liquid shampoo. You just need to avoid those with chemical ingredients like ‘MEA’, ‘DEA’, fragrance, paraben, sulfate, or gluten.

2: Dog Wet Wipes

As this product is also included among the commercial substitute, they are also needed to be cached earlier on. Wet wipes are comparatively more affordable than dry waterless shampoo or cleansers. Moreover, it’s a grooming accessory always available at home for minor clean-ups in dogs. And yes, they are designed especially for ‘minor clean-ups’. It may be supportive To Wash your Dog If you Don't Have Dog Shampoo with you but it can at least turn out to be a friend in need. Moreover, you can also use your baby or makeup removing wipes as well.

Top 6 Home Ingredients Substitute To Wash Your Dog

As said previously, the commercial or the purchased alternatives of dog shampoo need to be kept arranged earlier on or stocked. Now suppose, you also don’t have the substitutes of dog shampoos as well but you of course have the cooking accessories at home, right? Ok, we’ll now use that as a replacement for dog shampoo. Some home elements and easily available ingredients which act as proxy to dog shampoo include - baby shampoo, dish soap, baking soda, corn starch, oatmeal, and castile soap.

1: Any Kind of Easily Available Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo works great as an alternate to the actual dog bathing shampoo. The best baby shampoos are made delicate and friendlier to the skin so that the baby’s skin gets mild moisturized. That’s the great thing that makes it even applicable for dogs. The best ones come being mild and delicate so that the dog’s skin isn’t stripped out with natural oils. But it must be kept in mind that baby shampoos work as a friend at the time of danger only, too much use of it may also result in damage to your dog, but you need to be concerned so that the shampoo doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like paraben or sulfur. Vets discourage continuous use of it as the pH balance of dogs and human skin are different and also they may come not to be tearless.

2: Dawn Dish Liquid Soap

Yes, the dish cleaning soap can also be used as dog shampoo for your four-legged friend. But you should be assured that the dawn dish soap is free from all types of chemical additives of artificial. Again, using dish soap directly isn’t preferable as well. Stir the following things together to form a cleansing solution working substitute to dog shampoo:

  • One-fourth cup of dawn dish cleaning soap
  • Two cups of water
  • And half cup of white vinegar

Now, you’ll require filling the solution into a sprayer and you’re done with a solution with all the authentic and easily available home ingredients.

3: Home Available Regular Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda also acts like a waterless dry shampoo for cleansing your dog? Yes, it’s true. If you neither have a dog shampoo nor a dry one, you can still make a DIY dry dog shampoo at home with the most easily available ingredients at home. You can directly apply baking soda and water to your dog’s coat but making it a mixture with oatmeal makes it even better. You just need to mix the following things mentioned below, stir them and spray them on your dog.

  • Four cups of water
  • Half cup of baking soda
  • One cup of ground and raw oatmeal

After spraying it over your dog, you need to massage it for some time so that it can settle down and remove all the extra dirt and debris from his coat. As the solution contains baking soda, you need to be highly sincere so that it doesn’t enter his nose, ears, or eyes.

4: Use Corn Starch That Is Available

Corn starch stands as another easily available ingredient at home. Effectively, corn starch also works similarly to baking soda. Well, you just need to apply it over your dog’s coat and thus remove all dirt and debris with the help of a comb or brush. Corn starch holds the capacity of removing greasiness from your dog’s coat and absorb in foul odors.

5: Oatmeal as A Significant Agent of Irritant Skin

Oatmeal is great for resolving skin issues in dogs but they need to be a bit combined with baking soda. Oatmeal as a natural ingredient can contribute to reducing irritation in your baby’s skin and moreover, keeps his skin moisturized and also doesn’t harm any flea or tick treatment. So, now you are to mix these following items together and apply them to your dog as a natural and homemade cleanser.

  • One cup of grind raw or uncooked oatmeal
  • Half cup of some baking soda
  • Water

Here, the grinded oatmeal should be fine like flour texture. After getting all those mixed together, you’ll require to take them to a sprayer bottle. And now just dispense it all over your baby.

6: Castile Soap is a Unique Blend of Essential Natural Oils

Castile liquid soap is mainly an olive-based soft with included essential body oils for your pooch. Moreover, this soap includes some extra moisturizing traits which make it superior to the dawn dish soap. Its coincided natural oil extracts include lavender, orange, and lemon. Well, like the others, this caster soap also works with higher efficiency if mixed with vinegar and glycerin.

  • Half of a cup of castile soap
  • Three to four drops of dog essential oil
  • One tablespoon of glycerin
  • Two tablespoons of water

Mix these all and thus you have a dog skin-friendly non-irritant and flea tick improving natural homemade shampoo alternate.

Rolling To Terminal Endpoints

Yes, it’s obvious it's ideal to get your dog shampoo well stocked. But professionals and vets always recommend keeping some shampoos reserved at home. Moreover, if not available with liquid shampoo, one may also go with the other commercial alternatives like waterless shampoo, wipes, etc.

Secondly, if you aren’t also available with the commercials, try using the baby shampoos which are quite delicate to your dog’s skin. Lastly, we can come towards the home ingredients substitute to wash your dog if you don't have dog shampoo. Ingredients like baking soda, oatmeal, dish soap, etc. are great in cleaning your dog but the professionals would never recommend it using more than once. These ingredients act as one-time support only.

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