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Are you busy scratching your head on the fact that what size grooming table do I need? Ok then, I’ll help you to get rid of this hesitation. First of all, you need to decide what type of dog actually your fur baby is because the size of your grooming table depends on what size of dog you have- Small, Medium, or Large sized.

What Types of Grooming Tables Are Needed To Groom?

The grooming tables come in a good number of verities like foldable grooming table, trolley grooming table, hydraulic grooming table, electric grooming table, and so on. You can have a look at how to use a grooming table for a clear concept on it.

If you are a professional dog groomer at any saloon, you may require two grooming tables at least, one at the bath and blow dry section and another at the grooming section. But if you have a single dog or a dog family at your home of both large and small sizes, you need to choose the type of grooming table that’s convenient for all of your dogs. During dog home grooming, one but the best dog grooming table for at home use is perfect.

What Size Grooming Table Do I Need?

Cool, that’s a typical question that almost all the beginner dog owners do have. Literally, the commercial ones have a length of 30 to 48 inches and a width of 18 to 24 inches. But, sometimes, this space may become small if you’ve got a large breed dog. So, the selection of a grooming table according to your dog’s size is a must-to-do step on the query of what size grooming table do I need. Don’t just too much skimp on spending, because it’s a must for your dog’s grooming.

Best Dog Grooming Table Selection

Dog grooming table selection is another vital concept of what size grooming table do I need. The foldable dog grooming tables and the hydraulic grooming table are the best for home use to groom your dog. But sometimes they are too wobbly and isn’t adjustable in height. But still, there are qualities among them there are some varieties which are the best foldable grooming table which is adjustable in size and less space occupying.

Another better choice for dog grooming is a hydraulic table. These don’t have any such mentionable bad effect and so they are safer to use.

Wisest Choice Of Dog Grooming Table For Dogs

Foldable Grooming Table: These are the most inexpensive for home use which comes into $100 to some more hundred dollars. These are usually collapsible and the easiest option for home grooming. For larger breeds like Great Dane, the foldable dog grooming tables of size 48”x 24” is applicable. But if you have a baby pup, the toy size of 30” x 18” may become applicable for them. Again, the foldable ones have a convenient size of 42”x 24”.

Hydraulic Grooming Table: The hydraulic grooming table is one of the best-categorized dog grooming tables which are at a reasonable price starting from $200 or less than that up to $1000 or more than that. But you need to be careful while buying the best hydraulic grooming table with a non-slip surface and included arms. They are convenient for use as they can rotate so far 360 degrees as well. The round-based styles have their starting from 28” and are adjustable to 37”, 36” and 35”. Again, the bases also have a convenient width of 24” up to 27”. And also their height is also adjustable as they can lower down so far 19” and can come high up to 39”.  Though these tables are a bit space-occupying still, they are easier to use.

Shop Selection

Now as your query on what size grooming table do I need is already fulfilled, you need to look for the purchase procedure. If you are going to the market to buy a convenient grooming table for your dog, then there remains a risk of buying wrong and fraud items. So, you must buy your dog grooming table from trusted shops like Amazon which are legit and without risks.

But be alert because if you are buying it from the market, don’t exceed your budget because untrusted shops may sometimes ask for extra charges and may exceed your expected price. In those cases, you must bargain to solve it.

Conclusive Words

As you’ve got the best choice of dog grooming table for your dog, don’t get hyper to buy it instantly rather wait to have some investigations and then buy the better one. But before that, you need a clear concept of what size grooming table do I need which I’ve stated above.