When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing?

When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing

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When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing is indeed one of the most inquired demands among the majority of new pup parents. Goldendoodle is such a type of breed that is usually said to be the mixture of golden retriever and poodle parents. Generally, the Goldendoodles some sort of costs higher in comparison to the other breeds. Again, this breed also requires very sincere and regular care. They are non-shed and hypoallergic which is one of their pros. At a certain time, these babies grow no more that is they lose their growing ability. Till 11 months of age, the growth rate of a regular Goldendoodle is so high that the owners sometimes scare of having a large monster Goldendoodle. But when your pup enters into his adulthood, the growth rate gradually slows down. Still, there’s a perfect calculation that may help to calculate your future Goldendoodles weight easily.

Goldendoodle Weight And Accurate Breed Identification By DNA Test Kit

Many dog owners usually pass time wondering the estimated weight of a full grown Goldendoodle. Well, nothing to worry about anymore! Usage of DNA test kits has made it even easier. DNA test kits surely would provide you the most accurate answers. If you are in a fix to learn when Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing and don’t want to find it out by mathematics or other hazards, you can definitely go with  the best DNA test kit to sort out the future growth of your baby Goldendoodle now. Moreover, these DNA kits also provide if there are any future risks along with your dog’s actual breed. Many owners have reviewed that they’ve got the exact information regarding their Goldendoodle’s future growth.

Different Type of Goldendoodles Growing Stage

In simple words, there are three major types of sizes in Goldendoodles. These three main sizes of Goldendoodles are mini sized Goldendoodle, medium-sized Goldendoodle, and standard sized Goldendoodle. Moreover, three other categories again fall under mini golden doodle. Mini Goldendoodles also have a classification of the teacup, petite/toy, and macro sizes. The perfect age to pick a Goldendoodle for your home is at the age of 8 weeks. The major three growing stages in Goldendoodle are mentioned below along with some short description of the life stage-

  • Mini Sized Goldendoodle: These are usually the toy-sized or baby Goldendoodles. They weigh on an average of 3 to 9 or 10 pounds. But most of the time, the weight of your dog also may vary.
  • Medium Sized Goldendoodle: Again, this is the medium size of Goldendoodle after the mini sized ones. At this stage, the weight of the Goldendoodle should be around 8 to 10 or 11 pounds.
  • Standard sized Goldendoodle: Standard size is followed by most of the Goldendoodles. In this stage, the weight of your fur baby should be 10 to 20 or 30 pounds. However, the size may vary in the case of male and female Goldendoodle.

This was the general size list of most of the Goldendoodles. But there’s also an easy way of calculation which might help you to discover your Goldendoodle's estimated weight when he’s fully grown.

How To Discover The Goldendoodle Growth Stages?

There’s an easy calculation on how you can find out your Goldendoodle's full-grown weight easily through simple mathematics. Here’s a chart with age in weeks and the percentage of their total size. So, the entire formula stands that you’ll have to multiply the weight by the percentage of the size in weeks. The mentioned chart is given as follows:

Age in Weeks

% Size









































Say for example if your Goldendoodle of 12 weeks weighs 10 pounds, his full-grown weight should be 10 x (100/40.51)= 24.68 pounds.

3 Main Growth Stages In Goldendoodles

Mainly, the entire life cycle of Goldendoodles can be divided into three major parts. One must know these three major parts in order to concern about When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing. These three major parts are:

  • Pup Goldendoodle Stage
  • Adult Goldendoodle Stage
  • Senior Goldendoodle Stage

These were the three main parts of a Goldendoodle’s entire life circulation. A Goldendoodle goes through all of these stages throughout his life. But for some convenience, we can evenly distribute these three stages into another 9 stages. These nine life stages are mentioned below:

9 Explained Life Stages

Stage 1: From Birth Till 3 Weeks of Age

This is the first stage in the life of a Goldendoodle. At this age, they are usually so small and they are born blind, deaf, and without any teeth. With the 1st and 2nd week, major changes in growth are observed clearly. At around 2nd week, they open their eyes, then at 3rd week, their teeth start growing and ears are also open. At this age, they also start walking, crawling, and barking as well. They learn to play with their littermates also; at this age, puppies require the most care from their biological mother, so it’s better not to get a pup at such a little age. At this age, they require the most sleep and also they learn to be renowned with their surroundings and interact with that environment.

Stage 2: Stage 2: From 3 Weeks Till 7 Weeks of Age

This is the second stage of Goldendoodle’s age when he already knows how to adjust to the atmosphere. This is the age when the Goldendoodle puppy learns to bite which is really very important. This step is also taught by their biological Mom. Besides, she also teaches them the basic banners before entering the outer world. When they bite their littermates strongly, they yelp and stop playing with him and as a result, your pup learns not to bite too hard. So, if you pick up a puppy before the age of 8 weeks, there may be a risk of being the prey to strong bites. At this stage, they learn how others can tolerate his bites. His growth also increases rapidly. At the age of around 6 to 7 weeks, they are required to have their first vaccination.

Stage 3: From 7 Weeks Till 12 Weeks or 3 Months

Most of the puppies are usually picked up at this stage that is, they get separated from their mom and littermates. At the age of 8th week, they’ve already formed 29.88% of their full grown body weight. The weight of your full grown  Goldendoodle can be determined by multiplying his weight at 8th week by 4 approximately. If his weight at 8 weeks in 9 pounds, his full grown weight should be like 9 x 4 = 36 Ibs. This is the stage when your pup learns more than your imaginations; he learns to fear also. At this age, your puppy would require at least 22% of the protein in his diet if you slightly changing his diet. You must remember that at this age, he starts to fear and get nervous and so when you are getting him to your home i.e. a new place to him, he may get anxious. But you are required to handle it. Moreover, you should never use a harsh word to him which may result in fear you as well.

Stage 4: From 12 Till 16 Weeks or 4 Months of Age

By 12 weeks or 3 months of age, your Goldendoodle pup has 40% growth of his full grown state. So, you can learn his full grown weight by multiplying his weight at 12th week with 3 i.e. weight at 12th-week x 3. At this age, the baby Goldendoodles start teething and pushing the boundaries. At this stage, you need to be very gentle and calm to your Goldendoodle; otherwise, he will learn to scare you. At this time, puppies can grow and learn very easily and fast. This is the perfect time you can take your pup to puppy classes to learn the basic commands and instruction. But you need to remain cautious not to be harsh to him; just let him accept everything the way he likes to.

Stage 5: From 16 Weeks To 24 Weeks or 6 Months

Now it comes 16th week, this is the time when your baby is about half of his full grown weight. He’s already 50% of his full grown weight and so, you can get your Goldendoodle's full grown weight by multiplying his weight of 16 weeks by 2. But, usually, the growth of Goldendoodle remains exponential till 7 or 8 weeks of age. This stage is not so growth increasing like the other stages. But the important thing is that he learns to adjust to the environment and at the same time he also grows up. It’s advised to spay or neuter your Goldendoodle puppy at the age of 6-11 months. 

Stage 6: From 24 To 32 or 8 Months

Big hands for your Goldendoodle! Do you know why? Because he’s now 74% of his total full grown weight. If you want to know his full grown age, you just need to multiply his weight at this age by 1.26* approximately. By this time, your dog learns to grow up faster in comparison. Many behavioral changes may appear as well; he may behave a bit bratty but it’s normal. At this stage, your Goldendoodle is going through the socialization process and he won’t mind testing your limits.

Stage 7: From 32 Weeks To 40 Weeks Or 10 Months

At this age, your Goldendoodle has grown up almost 84% of his weight of full grown size. But, you can get the result by multiplying 1.14 approximately with your pup’s age to get his weight of full grown. This is the age your Goldendoodle puppy is going to be an adult. At this age, Goldendoodles don’t grow at a higher rate compared to the previous months as he’s already near to his full growth.

Stage 8: From 40 Weeks To 52 Weeks Or 1 Year

When you have a Goldendoodle dog of 40 weeks at your home, it’s the time your Goldendoodle has already grown 90% of his full grown weight. All you’ve to do is to multiply your dog’s weight at the 40th week with 1.10 approximately to get the full grown result. At this stage, the growth in height of your Goldendoodle slightly stops. It’s a bit confusing moment because your Goldendoodle will have the same appetite and energy as a puppy but his body formation would be just like the adults. But you should never be harsh to your Goldendoodle which may result in a fearing Goldendoodle.

Stage 9: From 1 Year To Onwards

Now your dog has grown up 97% percent of his full grown stage. At this moment, you can clearly assume how big your Goldendoodle would be at the full grown stage. Except for a few pounds, your dog has already reached the full attire. As soon he comes into his full grown adult stage, you can gradually change the food type from puppy food to adult dog food. But he still needs to get sexual maturity which takes place at the age of 1 and 2 years.

At What Stage Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing?

One (1) Year mark is the perfect time when your Goldendoodle has grown 97% of its full-grown weight. And so, there’s no more growth in weight in a Goldendoodle when he reaches the mark of 1 year. Within 1 year of age and sometimes in 2 years, the growth of your Goldendoodle should slow down and stopped. Goldendoodles usually grow up most of their growth within the 1 year mark and in the 2nd year, only a few changes take place. But at the 2nd birthday, most of the Goldendoodles come to their 100% full grown size.

Growth In Goldendoodles Of Miniature, Medium, And Standard Sizes

Mini and toy Goldendoodles usually reach the majority of their growth within the first year of birth; but in the case of standard Goldendoodle, they tend to grow as long as they are 18 months of age. Standard Goldendoodles are called senior Goldendoodles when they reach the age of 8 years. Whereas in the case of mini and toy sized Goldendoodles, they are called seniors when they reach the age of 10 or 12 years. Goldendoodles usually come in a huge variety. But the sizes of miniature, medium, and standard Goldendoodles also vary a lot. Some important messages in this regard are as follows:

  • Miniature Goldendoodle: This Goldendoodle comes from the toy breeders. These mini Goldendoodles comparatively survive more in comparison to the standard ones. Usually, the full grown miniature Goldendoodles weigh 26 to 35 pounds. And their sizes vary like 14 to 17 inches
  • Medium Goldendoodle: Medium sized full grown Goldendoodle usually weigh 36 to 50 pounds. The size of Goldendoodle of medium size is most commonly 17 to 21 inches.
  • Standard Goldendoodle: Standard Goldendoodles have their lifespan smaller in comparison to the miniature and medium-sized ones. The standard Goldendoodles may weigh in a great variety. Starting from 51 pounds, they may weigh up to 60 pounds and onwards. The size of standard Goldendoodles usually comes in an average of 21 inches.

Do Male And Female Goldendoodles Grow At The Same Rate?

No such difference in growth is found among Goldendoodles of different genders. The growth rate is the same in both. But the males are just a bit more aggressive and bold than the female Goldendoodles. But again, after being neuter or spayed, their growth regulation remains the same.

How Big Does A Full-Grown Goldendoodle Become?

On average, the mini Goldendoodle becomes 30 pounds, mediums become 45 pounds and the standard one may vary from 50 to 60 pounds. Moreover, we’ve mentioned their sizes above as well.

When To Transfer Puppy Food To The Adult One?

After neutering or spaying, your Goldendoodle should be near about 6 to 12 months of age. After 1 year, when he’s almost like a full grown Goldendoodle, he requires more stamina. And so at that time, you can slowly transfer your dog’s food from puppy food to adult ones. But newly, you must ensure the intake of the best adult dog food for good skin and combating upset stomach.

How Far Do Goldendoodles Survive?

Usually, the mini and toy Goldendoodles have their lifespan comparatively higher. On average, the Goldendoodles usually do survive around 10-15 years. The standard Goldendoodles get senior at the age of 8 whereas the toy and mini Goldendoodles are said to be senior at the age of 10 or 12.

Conclusion of When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing

It’s really a tough question to the new dog parents that When Do Goldendoodles Stop Growing. Well, the shortcut answer is 1 to 2 years. As I’ve mentioned, 97% of the growth takes place on the 1st year, by the 2nd birthday, your Goldendoodle will completely stop growing anymore. If you are new to grooming and not concerned about how to groom your Goldendoodle at home, you may check out the content on how to groom a Goldendoodle at home. One of the important pieces of information that I must share is that you should never apply any kind of harsh products to your Goldendoodle. Good product would help in the good growth of your Goldendoodle.

How To Find A Good Dog Groomer?