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Clipping or trimming is a vital part of the consideration in regard to dog home grooming. As firstly like new dog owners, I also had the question in my mind on ‘why won’t my clippers cut my dog’s hair’. Searching for the solutions, I simply googled it but the results weren’t satisfying. So, I hope that this piece of writing may surely help you a bit especially the new dog owners out there.

Why won’t my clippers cut my dog’s hair?

The predominant reason for the clippers to stop working is the blades being placed in the wrong way or being dull. The blades of course need to be such short so that they might easily enter through the matts. Again, similar reasons for this issue include the use of a clipper processing a weak motor. However, proper use of essential tools and application of the below mentioned process also plays a vast role.

The answer isn’t actually as easy as the question looks! You need well preparations before going through this grooming process. Before starting the trimming you need to ensure that all these necessary steps are prepared before you slightly just start cutting off your dog’s hair. ‘TOPCATS’ instruction is hugely considered in this regard. 

What does ‘TOPCATS’ stand for?

In this essential formula for clipping your dog’s hair, you need to know its proper abbreviation. Here -

  • T - Stands for Teeth of the clipper which surely needs to be checked so that the teeth are straight and perfect if not, you need to replace them by a new blade.
  • O - Stand for Oils that need to be applied to the blades before use otherwise it may hurt your baby. Oiling the blades also makes the trimming smooth and also makes it easier and fast.
  • P - Stands for the Power of your clipper that is to be allowed to your dog’s coat because if there’s a mistake in considering the actual power, it may result in a tragedy.
  • C - Stands for Cleaning the blades of the trimmer. More than often the trimmers are affected with rust which results in loss of money and results far to the expectations. So regular cleaning is a must. But in this regard, you need to choose the best dog grooming clippers for home use which may not get rusted.
  • A - Stands for Alignment of the blades within the trimming. Well, actually it depends on what type of cut you want on your dog’s hair. But remember one thing that the clippers should be placed lying next to your dog’s coat so that it doesn’t hurt them.
  • T - Stands for Tension Temoval of both you and your dog because if you become tensed or anxious, your dog also loses hope and it may result even worst and they’ll need to be tranquilized. In this regard, you also need to know how to sedate a dog at home for grooming so that he doesn’t become anxious.
  • S - Stands for Sharpening your blades. If the dog trimmers aren’t sharp enough to cut, it may also hurt your dog and result in a burst of blood. Or, you can slightly replace them which is risk-free.

Pre trimming do’s

You can’t start trimming your dog without preparations because it may lead to accidents and so on. So, you need to take some pre trimming to do’s. I’ve tried to mention some of them below -

  • You need to know the dog grooming tools and uses
  • Be ensured that the blades are sharped, not dull
  • The blades should be so short that they also enter into the mates if there’s any
  • Brush your do well with a dematting comb so that no mats remain in his coats
  • Keep the blades in a safe place so that it doesn’t get rust on it otherwise keep replacing it on an interval
  • Have the ultimate patience and continue it smoothly

Other preparations for trimming

I’ve already given the solutions on your question of ‘why won’t my clippers cut my dog’s hair’ but that’s not all. Besides you also need to restrain your dog the entire time of grooming by having a look at how to restrain a dog while grooming. Your dog needs to be relaxed or tranquilizer. In that case, you can use Benadryl or other medications to tranquilize him. Or you can play with him to make him tired so that he could rest in the best dog grooming table for at home use which also plays an efficient role in trimming a dog at home.

So, these were the final solutions on why won’t my clippers cut my dog’s hair. But another necessary step is to maintain patience both in you and your dog. Keep on going through this process without losing your strength and hopes. And don’t give your dog any treats during the trimming which may force him to move during the trimming and result in accidents. So, you may use nice words and sounds of appreciation. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, it might surely help you as I believe.